Nurse Retirement Letter Sample and Guide

Updated: January 10, 2023

So you have decided to get retirement from your nursing job. If you thinking about retirement, then you will have to write a professional retirement letter.

Even if you have verbally informed your nursing manager of your plan to retire from the position of a nurse, it is still needed to send a formal retirement letter at least two weeks before retirement.

Writing a nurse retirement letter is very easy.

Your letter might be formal or informal, depending on the nature of your relationship with the manager. Also, send a copy of your letter to the human resources department. 

By doing this, you will be able to get your health care coverage, pensions, 40l(k), and additional benefits and plans as indicated in your employment contract.

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View the example below to get a basic idea of writing a retirement letter from the nursing position. 

This kind of letter will serve as your official resignation letter in your HR file.

Nurse Retirement Letter Example

Anna M. David – RN
323 Upper Lincoln Street
Austin, TX 32656
(000) 896-0987
[email protected]

January 10, 2023

Ms. Kelly Andrew
Nursing Manager
Austin Healthcare
325 North Avenue
Austin, TX 32369

Dear Ms. Andrew:

I am writing to tender the 2-weeks notice of my plan to get retirement from my current position as a registered nurse at Austin Healthcare. My last day at my workplace will be January 24.

I have decided to take premature retirement. That is because, in my point of view, life is so short it is better to retire early instead of too late. Even though I am looking forward to enjoying a joyful and free life after retirement, I will miss working for the hospital, coworkers, and residents to whom I served for many years.

I would like to thank you for having had me as a part of the organization for the last twenty years. If I can be of further assistance, I will be available at my seat until May 24.

I wish all the best to you and the entire staff of Austin Healthcare.


(Sign here)
Anna M. David – RN

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