Nurse Retirement Letter Sample

Even if you have verbally informed your nursing manager of your plan to retire from the position of nurse, it is still needed to send a formal retirement letter at least two weeks before.

Writing a nurse retirement letter is not tricky. Your letter might be formal or informal depending on the nature of your relation with manager.

See the example below to get a basic idea of writing a retirement letter from nursing position.



Nurse Retirement Letter Example



Anna M. David – RN
323 Upper Lincoln Street
Austin, TX 32656
(000) 999-0987
anna @ email . com

October 28, 2018

Ms. Kelly Andrew
Nursing Manager
Austin Healthcare
325 North Avenue
Austin, TX 32369


Dear Ms. Andrew:

I am writing to give you a 2 week notice of my plan to get retirement from my current position as a registered nurse at the Austin Healthcare. My last day at my workplace will be November 10, 2017.

I have decided to take premature retirement since, as per my point of view, life is so short it is better to retire too early instead of too late. Even though I am looking forward to enjoy a joyful and free life after retirement, I will miss working for the hospital, coworkers and residents to whom I served for many years.

I would like to thank you for having had me element of the organization for the last twenty years. If I can be of further assistance, I will be available at my seat till November 10.

I wish best of luck to you and the entire staff of Austin Healthcare.



Anna M. David – RN

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