2 Emergency Room (ER) Technician Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: March 29, 2021

An emergency technician cover letter is the applicant’s primary written contact with the employer. Hence, it serves to create a good first impression and should be written with great care.

Cover letters for the ER Tech position become an integral part of most job applications. They serve as a useful tool for personalizing the position. It is your opportunity to talk directly to prospective employers before an interview.

While a good cover letter can earn you a job interview, a non-focused, written one can decrease your chances, so write your ER tech cover letter very carefully.

When writing a cover letter, keep the following three things in mind:

  1. Portray yourself as a viable candidate
  2. Address the prospective employer’s needs
  3. Do not write irrelevant details – keeping it to the point and highly specific to the ER tech position

The following 2 cover letter samples will help you on how you can write your own:

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Emergency Room (ER) Technician Cover Letter Sample 1

Tanya Fraiser
(000) 193-0093
[email protected]

March 29, 2021

Mr. Samuel Jake
Human Resources Manager
Caren Health Services
37 Height Avenue
Rock Springs, WY

Dear Mr. Jake:

I am excited at the opportunity to apply for an Emergency Room Technician position at Caren Health Services. Working at your medical facility will allow me to expand on my experience, and in return, provide you with expertise in frontline medical services.

Throughout the 5 years that I have worked as an ER tech, I distinguished myself as a high-performing individual. With my ability to handle a wide array of cases within an emergency room, I have been greatly contributory in the past. I am positive that Caren Health Services will benefit from my skills in the following areas:

  1. An eye for excellence, and strong work ethics aimed at providing immediate emergency assistance.
  2. Able to handle intake, and initial patient care tasks, with great focus on ensuring a safe environment.
  3. Highly skilled in performing basic procedures such as drawing blood, and monitoring vitals.
  4. Superior knowledge of dressing wounds, and beginning IV lines.

It would be a privilege to discuss the ER tech position with you in detail. I am available for an interview at your convenience. If you need any further information regarding my suitability, please call me at (000) 193-0093.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tanya Fraiser

ER Tech Cover Letter Example 2

Jacob Gates
712 Jaclyn Sq, San Antonio, TX 67302
(000) 898-5214
[email protected]

March 29, 2021

Mr. George Felix
HR Manager
South West General Hospital
99 Omni Lane
San Antonio, TX 67302

Dear Mr. Felix:

In response to your job advertisement in Daily News, I offer my services in the capacity of ER Tech at South West General Hospital. I feel confident that my profile will interest you since I bring extensive experience and training in the field.

Some components of my profile are summarized below to help to determine my candidacy:

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with ER professionals to meet the needs of the unit.
  • Track record of conducting efficient operations of the ER room/unit.
  • Adept at implementing goal-oriented patient care plans in keeping with state-approved nursing practices.
  • Able to develop effective interpersonal relations with colleagues and patients to foster a positive, patient-focused environment in the ER room.
  • Well versed in documenting patient care activities conducted and notifying concerned nurses and doctors of any changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Practical skills in providing medical/administrative support as and when needed.
  • Exceptional talent for performing CPR, monitoring patients with cardiac monitors, and transporting patients to ancillary units.

My attached resume details my professional qualifications and experiences. I am very excited about the prospect of meeting with your recruitment committee and further demonstrate my suitability for the job. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jacob Gates

Encl. Resume

Additional Guidelines to Write a Cover Letter for ER Technician Position

The purpose of an emergency room technician cover letter is to provide detailed information on why the applicant is qualified for the job. Explaining the information of your ER tech resume is important here.

Because an employer will use your cover letter to screen you as a viable source, you must fill it with information about your abilities in an ER capacity.

An effective ER tech cover letter will explain the reasons for the applicant’s interest in the medical facility, and identify their most relevant skills.

Placing information on how you applied your skills in handling emergency cases, and providing assistance to medical staff in the cover letter will greatly help your case.

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