Maintenance Mechanic Summary for Resume

Updated on: June 17, 2017

The age-old discussion / debate about whether one should use an objective or a summary to mark the beginning of a maintenance mechanic resume needs to be truncated now. They both have different functions, even if most of what they present is the same.

If you are applying for a position for which you have had great experience, it is best to use a summary, rather than an objective. So, what does a resume summary include?

Think of resume summaries as short but solid accounts of your capabilities, and sometimes your achievements as well. Most people deem it perfectly alright to use an objective even if they are applying for a higher up position. This may or may not work, depending on who is reading your resume. It is always best to write a summary in such cases. Basically, a resume summary is a “sum up” of what you have done professionally over the years. While this information will be available in the rest of the resume as well, it is best to give the hiring manner a shorter account of your resume through the summary. This way, if he wants to, he can scan the length of your resume for further details.

Here are some examples of summaries that can be used on a maintenance mechanic’s resume:

Sample Summary Statements for Maintenance Mechanic Resume

• Highly resourceful, meticulous and talented Maintenance Mechanic with 16+ years’ progressive experience in handling repair and maintenance work on buildings, structures, systems and equipment. Deeply insightful of performing both preventative and regular maintenance in assigned areas, concentrating on minimizing downtime.

• Uniquely qualified Maintenance Mechanic with 7 years’ verifiable track record of success performing periodic inspections of systems and associated equipment. Highly skilled in diagnosing and repairing HVAC, plumbing and electrical problems, and ensuring that their upkeep is managed on a regular basis.

• Competent and determined Maintenance Mechanic with exceptional abilities in performing repair and maintenance work in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals and manufacturer’s specifications. Deeply familiar with observing mechanical devices in operation and determining their problems through thorough inspections.

• Exceptionally talented and deeply insightful Maintenance Mechanic with extensive exposure to performing inspections to determine problems and issues with systems and structures. Great capability of adjusting functional parts of devices and control instruments by using both hand and power tools and equipment.

• Maintenance mechanic with exceptionally well-placed talents in installing special functional and structural parts in devices and systems. Special talent for handling HVAC setups, maintaining heating and plumbing systems, and inspecting fire alarms to ensure appropriate functionality.