CNC Machinist Cover Letter Sample

Updated: November 8, 2022

CNC Machinist work with computer numerical control machines to aid production procedures.

Individuals working in this capacity need to possess excellent physical strength and dexterity along with advanced knowledge of machine operation.

The following sample will provide you with information on how a CNC machinist grabs the attention of the hiring manager through an effective cover letter.

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CNC Machinist Cover Letter Example

7 Tipton Drive
Saint Louis, MO 36353

November 8, 2022

Mr. Elijah Mathews
Manager HR
Triumph Group
8273 Joseph Street
Saint Louis, MO 36354

Dear Mr. Mathews:

I am very interested in obtaining the position of CNC Machinist at Triumph Group. My training in operating and maintaining CNC machinery along with my excellent aptitude to work in a production environment make me the perfect candidate for this position.

Having worked for a considerable period as a CNC Machinist, I developed the necessary skills that are needed to do this job correctly. My advanced knowledge of tool holders, cutting tools, and fixtures provide me with a definite edge. Additionally, I am proficient in using hoists, hand truck conveyors, and lifts which are a necessary part of this work.

Furthermore, my physical dexterity and stamina help me work well in challenging environments. I also possess basic math skills and some knowledge of geometry and algebra that will be helpful for calculating material fabrication.

As a target-oriented CNC Machinist, I’d like to meet with you in person to discuss this opportunity in detail. I will call your secretary after one week time to arrange an interview date and time. In the interim, I’ll be available at (000) 102-1211.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Jason Bright

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