Bicycle Mechanic Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 26, 2017

A Bicycle Mechanic cover letter tells a hiring manager what a candidate is able to do at the workplace.

The work that you can do, and the several ways in which you can handle problems and issues is what the hiring manager is interested in. Give it all to him or her in a cover letter, and you are good to go.

Cover letters are great avenues to provide information, not only regarding an individual’s professional existence, but personal as well.

Making sure that your cover letter is exceptionally written is imperative. Cover letters can go wrong in a second, especially if the individuals writing them are not pushed about what they should be communicating. Remember that the cover letter is supposed to “complement” the resume, making it a force that no other candidate can match. Think of them as a key to a job – and you will never write a poor one again. Here is a sample:


Bicycle Mechanic Cover Letter Example



December 26, 2017

Mr. Charles Carter
Human Resource Manager
Poly Wheel LLC
8020 Hill Top Road
Camden, SC 19374


Dear Mr. Carter:

I am presently working as a bicycle mechanic at Cyclopedia, where I am known for my ability to maintain and repair all kinds of bikes. This popularity has led me to be chosen as the go to person when customers’ bikes require extensive repairs. Hoping that I will be able to enhance the already high image of Poly Wheel LLC, I would like to offer my services in this regard.

With over 7 years of experience working as a bicycle mechanic, I have acquired all the skills and experience needed to provide energetic and enthusiastic customer service. Adjusting and installing speed and gear mechanisms, assembling new bicycles, installing and replacing equipment and accessories, such as handlebars, stands, and lights, and aligning wheels are just some of the areas that I am adept at. In addition to this, I am exceptionally talented in shaping replacement parts, using a wide variety of tools and equipment, and can efficiently repair, adjust, and replace defective parts.

Positive that I will be a great asset to your organization in many ways, I will contact you soon to set a time when we can meet in person. Until then, you may contact me at (000) 352-2014, if there is anything that you need to know, and cannot find in my job application documents.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




William Rad

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