Bicycle Mechanic Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 25, 2017

Skills are things that you cannot ignore, when writing a resume. Resumes are not considered complete if the skills section is missing. Consider this – if you write a resume and leave the skills section out, you will be indicating that you have no skills. Since that cannot possibly be true, it makes sense to create a skills section in your resume.

Whatever you have done in the past, is proven through your skills. And anything that you claim to do in the future is also proven if you can identify your skills in front of a hiring manager. Working at any position in the world requires a certain amount of skill. If you have them, you need to flaunt them – this is the rule.

There is one thing that you need to keep an eye out for though – writing a list of skills that do not have much to do with the job for which you are applying is a complete NO! Doing so will not make you come across as a highly talented individual, but one whose focus is out of whack. And you do not want to be branded as a person who is not focused, even before the hiring manager has had a chance to meet you in person!

It is imperative to make your skills stand out, and to be able to do this, the choice of words needs to be perfect. Here are some examples of skills for a bicycle mechanic resume:

Skills for Bicycle Mechanic Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in installing, and adjusting speed and gear mechanisms.

• Effectively able to assemble new bicycles, and install, repair and replace parts and accessories.

• Deep familiarity with disassembling axels, in a bid to repair, adjust, and replace defective parts.

• Exceptionally talented in shaping replacement parts, using a wide variety of tools and equipment.

• Well-versed in welding broken or cracked frames together, by using welding rods.

• Proficient in checking, repairing, and fixing bikes, by following set standards.

• Adept at preparing bikes for tours and long hauls, ensuring that they are safe to ride.

• Proven ability to diagnose complex problems with bikes of all types, including mountain bikes, and children’s tricycles.

• Track record of effectively troubleshooting issues with assigned bikes, ensuring that they are resolved immediately.

• Competent in performing tune-ups, and fixing a range of issues in a quick and efficient manner.

• Qualified to handle wheel-building activities, along with crack-arm replacements, and derailleurs changing.

• Strong ability to change brakes, brake levers, and shifter levers, along with handling chain checking and replacement work.