Auto mechanics are responsible for identifying problems in vehicles and repair them accordingly.

An individual sending a job application cover letter for the position of an auto mechanic needs to mention his technical and mechanical capability of repairing all types of vehicles.

A cover letter for auto mechanic resume is the first document through which a prospective employer could decide whether your resume worth considering.

All auto mechanic cover letters, whether for an entry-level job or an experienced position, must be focused on your skills related to the job.


Auto Mechanic Cover Letter Example


123 San Fernando Way
Dallas, TX 61020

July 4, 2017

Mr. George Brown
Hiring Manager
Toyota Motors
77 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 66353


Dear Mr. Brown:

As a highly experienced and driven auto mechanic, I am seeking work at Toyota Motors where my technical and mechanical skills can be utilized to provide quality car repair services.

As noted on the enclosed resume, I possess extensive experience in performing general auto repairs on a variety of cars. Particularly, I am competent at repairing engine, brakes, struts, rack and pinion, timing belts, exhausts and water pumps.

Since I have worked as an auto mechanic for twelve years, I am proficient in handling both gasoline and diesel-powered engines. I understand that with the latest boom in car technology, a lot of cars need to be handled more with technical ability than mechanical. For this reason, I have taken special courses in using computer system to detect and resolve issues.

I am very excited to use my talent of car repair and maintenance at Toyota Motors. I would like to meet with you to discuss your expectations from Auto Mechanic position in detail. I am available at (000) 124-4154 if you need to contact regarding my qualifications or credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Neil Young

Enc. Resume