Marketing Strategist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 30, 2019

An interesting principle in cover letter writing called the hook, book and took. Heard of it yet?

Well, it is quite self-explanatory.


Begin a cover letter for Marketing Strategist position with hooking up the reader, and then book the position by presenting a solid and convincing argument in favor of what makes you the ideal candidate for the position.

Next, support your claim by suggesting how you can benefit the organization if taken.

Marketing strategy development is a continuously evolving field; you must demonstrate a lot of flexibility and adaptability in your cover letter.

Employers generally seek vibrant, energetic, technology friendly and outgoing people for this position to make sure your cover reflects these traits or the closely related ones in your possession.



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Marketing Strategist Cover Letter Example



Kevin Leonard
766 Trevor St, Atlanta, GA 43901
(000) 965-5245

May 30, 2019

Mr. Edward Bingley
HR Manager
INJ Financial Services
977 Golden Lane
Atlanta, GA 43901


Dear Mr. Bingley:

Do you seek an innovative marketing strategist fully equipped with the skills needed to revitalize INJ’s market presence? Are you ready to experience a new level of marketing strategy development and implementation that is sure to enhance the business? If yes, then my resume is enclosed for your consideration.

My following qualifications make me an excellent contender:

✓ Track record of conducting periodic market trend analysis, issuing relevant reports, and formulating new marketing strategies accordingly.

✓ Well- practiced in devising viable and productive, on target marketing campaigns to support the business

✓ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, exceptional convincing power

✓ Track record of maintaining fruitful business relations

In addition to the qualifications mentioned above, functional and updated knowledge of the finance industry is a great asset I would like to bring to INJ.

I will text you next week to set up a mutually convenient date and time for an interview. If you wish to speak earlier, my digits are (000) 965-5245. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Kevin Leonard

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