Service Delivery Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 25, 2018

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Service Delivery Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you decide to work in such a highly technical arena as service delivery?
Highly technical environments are exceedingly challenging, which is why I decided to take this up and train in it. Ever since I completed my information technology degree, I had been looking for just such a challenging environment, upon finding which, I have contributed and learned quite a lot.

What have been your core duties while working as a service delivery manager in the past?
While working as a service delivery manager, I have been handling a lot of activities at the workplace, including maintaining high performance service support functions, monitoring, controlling, and supporting service delivery, championing service and support in projects, developing strong comprehension of projects impacting service areas, delivery of audio-visual support, ensuring that training services are properly placed, managing desktop and laptop communication environments, and working with technical design teams to ensure that standards for hardware, software, and security are maintained.

What type of skills does one need to work as a successful service delivery manager?
To be successful in working as a service delivery manager, you have to possess exceptionally well-placed information technology skills. In addition to this, one needs to be able to handle people, which requires excellent leadership skills. Excellent customer service abilities and the capability to understand and work with a wide range of client environments is also imperative in this work. Moreover, you must possess excellent aptitude in learning new technologies, and keep up to date with new information technology releases.

What is the most challenging project that you have had to head up till now?
I was once asked to manage a company’s security system that had so many loopholes, and it was almost impossible to seal them all. However, through sheer dedication, and a lot of time, I managed to secure the system 100%.

How do you feel about working in a capacity where you might have to work longer than usual hours?
I am comfortable with the notion that I might need to work extended hours in the capacity of a service delivery manager. The work is not straightforward, and can sometimes take extra hours (or even days) to handle, especially where troubleshooting is concerned. I am alright with that.

What is your next career step from here?
I would eventually want to climb up the professional level to the position of a service delivery director, for which, I am diligently trying to learn and train myself.