Restaurant General Manager Resume Summary

Updated on: March 28, 2018

The crowning glory of a Restaurant General Manager resume – that is what a summary is. But it has more functions than just to sit there and look pretty.

The resume summary is written so that applicants can be introduced to hiring managers in the best of ways. Typically, you write all good things in a resume summary – information that will ensure that the hiring manager keeps reading the resume, and does not put it down so that he or she can pick the next one up!

Tall order? Perhaps.

However, it is easy to write an engaging restaurant manager resume summary if you are aware of how one is written. Writing one is no issue – writing a good one is.

Where does one start?

The first thing that you have to do when writing a summary statement is to gather all the information that you can about the position – from the point of view of the hiring manager or employer.

This information can be found on company websites, and job descriptions in the advertisement to which you are responding. Once all this information is collected and sorted, you can begin writing the perfect summary which is sure to blow the hiring manager away.

Still confused? Don’t be.

Take a look at the following examples of resume summaries for a restaurant general manager position:

Restaurant General Manager Resume Summary Examples

• Highly productive, experienced, and competent general manager, with over 10 years of exposure to overseeing operations and personnel in a restaurant capacity. Demonstrated expertise in creating and implementing core restaurant policies and procedures, and meeting financial objectives.

• Restaurant general manager, with 16 years of extensive experience in establishing restaurant business plans, achieving financial and budget objectives, controlling purchases and inventory, and maintaining operations. Exceptionally well-versed in setting operating goals and objectives, and preparing and implementing standard operating procedures.

• Visionary individual, boasting 7+ years’ progressively responsible experience in running a busy, high-end fine dining restaurant. Demonstrated ability to manage human resources, oversee food delivery and quality, and oversee the operations of the restaurant.

• Exceptionally productive, dependable, capable, and responsible individual, with well-placed proficiencies in accomplishing restaurant human resource objectives, maintaining the safe and secure environment, developing and implementing core restaurant policies, and achieving company goals and objectives.

• Self-reliant, competent, perceptive, and methodical Restaurant Manager with extensive experience of working in fast-paced and multicultural hospitality settings. Exceptionally talented in developing restaurants business and marketing plans, aimed at generating and increasing business, and meeting financial objectives through preparing strategic and annual forecasts and budgets.