2 Gas Station Assistant Manager Resume Samples

Updated on: November 3, 2021

A gas station assistant manager resume is not merely words on a piece of paper – it is a career life history. 

That is why it needs to be exceptionally well-written for it to bring results.

Here are 2 samples to help you out:

Gas Station Assistant Manager Resume Sample 1

Oliver Mathew
56 45th Road E
Arlington, VA 50236
(000) 254-7454
olivermat @email .com


Known for increasing gas station sales and net profits through leadership, staff motivation, and empowerment.

Results-focused gas station professional with over 10 years of progressively responsible experience in gas stations – including 7 years as gas station assistant manager. Proven ability to establish meaningful relationships with customers and staff members to ensure smooth work operations. A pleasant and welcoming individual who is known for a positive attitude and the will to succeed. Highly adaptable to a new work environment.


Gas Station Assistant Manager
The Petroleum Company, Arlington, VA 
11/2018 – Present
• Successfully thwarted an attempted burglary by recognizing the signs of nefarious activities about to take place and alerting the authorities on time.
• Singlehandedly implement safety procedures, thereby ensuring 100% safety of the gas station.
• Assist the manager in performing HR duties such as interviewing, hiring, and training gas station staff.
• Oversee the work of gas station attendants to ensure that they are working according to protocol.
• Ensure that all safety regulations and procedures are understood and followed by staff members on a constant basis.
• Welcome customers and ensure that they are properly serviced by attendants.
• Assist customers in pumping gas by showing them the ropes and processing cash and credit card payments.

Gas Station Assistant Manager
City Gas Station, Arlington, VA
6/2015 – 11/2018
• Retained a corporate customer who had been wronged by a service attendant, by providing him with extensive services, and convincing him not to switch services.
• Decreased the convenience store costs by 50% by suggesting bringing onboard an inexpensive supplier.
• Handled customer complaints with a view to resolving them in an efficient and satisfactory manner.
• Kept a watch on the surrounding areas to ensure that any signs of threat were understood and dealt with immediately.
• Maintained effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of gas supply and convenience store merchandise.

Gas Station Attendant
Admiral Petroleum Co., Arlington, VA
2/2015 – 5/2015
• Greeted customers and assisted them in fueling their cars according to set rules of safely pumping gas.
• Processed credit card and cash payments in exchange for rendered services and ensured that change and receipt were tended.
• Assisted customers in locating merchandise within the gas station convenience store and bagged their purchases.
• Notified manager of low stock, whether merchandise or gas supply in a time-efficient manner.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the gas station and surrounding areas by coordinating the work of custodial staff.

High School Diploma
Arlington High School, Arlington, VA – 2009

• MS Office Suite
• Retail Software

Gas Station Assistant Manager Resume Example 2

Sarah Bill
1992 Collins Road, Denver, CO18374
(000) 956-9999
[email protected]


Resourceful, competent, and experienced gas station manager, with over 12 years of exposure to handling all aspects of busy gas stations, including shop oversight, and gas pumping. Highly skilled in managing staff members to ensure that their training is on spot, preparing them for delivery of exceptional customer services.

• Implemented a staff scheduling system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the older one.
• Decreased the cost of obtaining fuel by $5000 per month, by suggesting using a less expensive vendor.
• Trained 32 people to work as gas station attendants, and cashiers in 2 years.
• Implemented a cash management system, reducing incidents of discrepancies by 55%.
• Created staff schedules and ensured that they follow them appropriately, increasing gas station efficiency by 20%
• Actively oversaw the delivery of service to customers and handled any complaints with priority.


Gas Station Assistant Manager                                  
2012 – Present
Gibbs Gas Station, Denver, CO
• Assist the gas station manager in creating and implementing staff schedules.
• Provide support for overseeing gas station operations, including shop and fuel pumping oversight.
• Handle customer complaints by following company procedures, protocols, and regulations.
• Ascertain that all gas pumping activities were carried out safely and securely.
• Inspect premises to ensure that all security checks were in place, and following regulations.
• Oversee the work of staff members, ensuring that they are working according to specified instructions.
• Handle cash management activities, notifying managers of any problems or discrepancies.
• Assist managers in handling inventory and creating and maintaining effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers.

Gas Station Attendant                                                    
2005 – 2012
Highway Gas, Denver, CO
• Greeted customers and inquired into how much gas they needed to be pumped into their vehicles.
• Provided information regarding the cost of gas, and quantity of pumped gas.
• Processed cash payments in exchange for sold gas, and retail store items.
• Handled cash drawer balancing activities, and communicated any discrepancies to the manager.
• Stocked and displayed merchandise, and communicated low stock situations to the manager.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Denver Technical College, Denver, CO – 2004


  • Fuel Ordering
  • Staff and Inventory Oversight
  • Food Service Management
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Conflict Resolution