Estimating Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 31, 2018

It is a pity that most cover letters that hiring managers receive are either too generic or much too specific for their liking. Striking a balance is essential when writing a cover letter. Imagine the happiness an estimating manager will experience when he or she sees a cover letter that is moderate in what it has to say – but still happens to tell a lot!

Writing an Estimating Manager cover letter can be a harrowing experience if you are not too keen on drafting one in the first place. But you have to remember that you cannot make the hiring manager happy, so you have to work with what you can do. A cover letter that speaks volumes for what you can do at the workplace, and how much you can contribute is the one that is considered the best out of the lot.

The following cover letter sample for an estimating manager position will help you in writing your own:


Estimating Manager Cover Letter Example


August 31, 2018

Mr. Craig Braganza
Human Resource Manager
Flatiron Construction Company
563 Hilton Road SE
Grand Forks, ND 28943


Dear Mr. Braganza:

The words analytic and competent describe me perfectly. The fact that I have been a favorite of the organization where I am presently working owing to exceptional accuracy in work should make it easy for you to decide to hire me as an estimating manager at Flatiron Construction Company. For more details on this, please refer to the enclosed resume.

As a seasoned estimation manager, I possess exceptional skills in conferring with management to determine costs of projects, services, and products, and provide close estimates related to resources, labor, and materials. Demonstrated expertise in providing area-specific forecasts, and revising estimates to meet the dynamic needs of each project, make me an excellent person to be hired at your organization.

In addition to this, I am exceptionally well-versed in providing functional support for multiple projects, and establishing and maintaining estimating department evaluation procedures, as well as coordinating bidding schedules. A recent accomplishment includes the development of a cost estimate which met actual costs by 100%, earning me accolades from the management.

I am sure that once you and I have met in person, and discussed this position face to face, you will be convinced that I am the best person to hire as an estimating manager at Flatiron Construction Company. I will call you soon to set up an interview time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Carol States

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