Distribution Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: August 6, 2018

The main work of a distribution manager is to ensure that the storage and distribution of goods within an organization is managed correctly. They work closely with warehouse personnel, ensuring that the storage is maximized and that any distribution issues are handled before they can convert into crises.

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Distribution Manager Resume Sample
Distribution Manager Qualifications
Distribution Manager Job Description


Distribution Manager Resume Example


Ryan Perez
81 Hat Road, Reno, NV 16823
(000) 999-9999


11+ years’ experience in managing distribution and storage activities. Exceptional ability to set distribution goals and plans, and manage operation to achieve set goals.
• Well-versed in identifying resources, and performing workload assignments, as instructed by the protocol.
• Demonstrated ability to oversee daily routes, and improve route plans to ensure timely delivery of goods.
• Qualified to perform cost negotiations with suppliers and vendors, and provide well-suited solutions for bulk distributions.
• Proven ability to coordinate the activities of drivers, vehicles, loads and journeys to ensure timely deliveries.


✓ Scheduling ✓ Oversight ✓ Inventorying
✓ Negotiation ✓ Vendor Liaison ✓ Storage Solutions
✓ Stock Levels Management ✓ Order Cycle Control ✓ Resources Management
✓ Performance Development ✓ New Contracts Handling ✓ Routes Devising

✓ Reduced the cost of delivering goods by 65% by bringing onboard a less expensive but efficient delivery service.
✓ Implemented a novel system to monitor the progress of major shipments, replacing the old one.
✓ Introduced a route mapping system, which proved to be 80 more efficient than the one already being used.
✓ Increased the number of contracts, by actively indulging in contracts management activities.


Distribution Manager
Benjamin Moore Inc., Reno, NV                        2012-present
• Oversee and manage stock levels, by using set information technology systems.
• Use information from systems to coordinate and control order cycles and processes.
• Oversee the operations and administration of the warehouse, ensuring that all activities are properly handled.
• Develop and implement logistic procedures and supervise inventorying processes to ensure proper storage of received goods.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with customers, suppliers, and vendors.
• Negotiate the terms of each contract, ensuring that budgetary requirements are met.
• Develop and execute account plans, perform cross-selling activities, and report financial information
• Organize and structure the work of all departments, and ensure that proper liaison is created and maintained between representatives.

Assistant Distribution Manager
Ventura Foods, Reno, NV                             2007-2012
• Managed and oversaw the daily operations of the distribution center on a regular basis.
• Supervised the unloading of delivery trucks and ensured that receipts were filed properly.
• Assisted with staffing and hiring activities, and handled onboarding work as instructed.
• Created and maintain logs of all shipments and deliveries, by following predetermined formats.
• Ensured the security of personnel and equipment, by making sure that all staff members worked following safety protocols.

Reno Business School, Reno, NV – 2009
Bachelor of Business Administration


Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager Qualifications

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually considered alright to present when applying for a distribution manager job. However, some organizations will want you to possess a degree in business if this is the work that you want to do. Overseeing the daily efforts of shipping, receiving, storing, and handling will be all in a day’s work for you in this role.

Maintaining close working relationships with customer service departments, inventory control, production, and sales will also be part of your work, which is why it is imperative that you possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

Also, you will have several teams working under you which is why it is vital that you possess the right skills set to be able to lead and mentor them. Complying with safety standards, and company policies will be something that you will need to do – you will need to learn what these are, and make sure that you and your team abide by it consistently.

Distribution Manager Job Description

• Develop and implement operational goals and plans, and monitor and communicate performance against plans.
• Provide leadership, training, and development to distribution and storage teams.
• Create, develop, and implement succession planning for team members, and ensure that it is executed correctly.
• Oversee the warehouse operations to ensure that they are working in sync with distribution activities.
• Develop and implement logistic processes, and inventory goods that are received from manufacturers.
• Use predetermined information technology systems to manage stock levels, delivery times, and transport costs.
• Allocate staff resources according to the dynamic needs of each process/program.
• Perform business development activities by gaining new contracts, and analyze logistical problems associated with business groups.
• Conduct detailed training of service and delivery personnel, to ensure that all staff members are equipped to meet their job requirements.
• Assist in the coordination of delivery routes, to ensure that goods are delivered on time.
• Evaluate customers’ requests for distribution and ensure that the right expectations are maintained.
• Perform administrative duties, such as weekly reporting, and preventative maintenance.