Deli Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2022

A hiring manager can only think of you as an ordinary applicant for a deli manager position.

It is up to you to introduce yourself as an exceptional candidate through your resume.

Once your candidacy is established, so is the interest of a hiring manager.

But establishing your candidacy is not done by simply telling a hiring manager what your name is.

An entire resume is required to do this.

Take a look at the following deli manager resume sample for reference purposes:

Deli Manager Resume Example

Elizabeth Cooper
7 Bent Road
Media, PA 45451
(000) 874-2541
bettycooper @ email . com


Productive and versatile individual with 6 years of experience working in busy deli settings. Competent in leading, recruiting, inducting, training, and developing employees within their areas of responsibility. Effectively prepares cabinet layouts to display deli products in an aesthetically pleasing manner and maintains a hygienically clean and safe working environment. Known for ensuring the provision of outstanding customer services through proper employee training and ascertaining operational smoothness.

• Food Rotation • Inventory Management
• Display Handling • Food Preparation Oversight
• Food Safety and Hygiene • Stock Handling
• Profitability Maximization • Budget Allocations
• Employee Training • Operational Smoothness
• Sales Promotion • Quality Control

• Successfully maintained the quality of deli items over a period of 4 years, without a single complaint arising.
• Implemented core food safety and hygiene programs, as part of the employees’ ongoing training efforts.
• Introduced the Intelligent Display, which controlled temperature according to the type of deli product displayed, resulting in decreased food spoilage.
• Developed and implemented a food inventory system, which was considered 50% more efficient than the one that was in place earlier.


Deli Manager
Quality Food Center, Media, PA
7/2014 – Present
• Hire, train, and induct employees in specific roles within the deli facility or at the deli counter
• Coordinate efforts between the frontend and the backend to ensure that all products are available at all times
• Oversee food preparation activities to ensure that proper food handling procedures and protocols are being followed
• Handle food rotation duties to minimize food spoilage and chances of wastage
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of equipment and deli items
• Manage stock control duties including ordering, presenting, merchandising, and promotional work

Deli Worker
The Pantry, Media, PA
2/2011 – 7/2014
• Greeted customers when they arrived at the deli counter and provided them with the menu
• Assisted customers in choosing deli items of their choice and provided alternates for unavailable items
• Prepared orders using deli items such as meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits according to specified recipes
• Packed all prepared orders and timely handed over to customers
• Cleaned and sanitized counters and display units on a regular basis, and ensured that they were properly stocked at all times

Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management
AAA College, Media, PA | 2010

• POS System
• MS Word and Excel