Workers Compensation Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: October 4, 2019

A workers’ compensation coordinator resume must be excellently written.

The focus should be on making the hiring authority sit up and take notice.


How to write a winning Workers Compensation Coordinator Resume?

Firstly, it is important to choose a friendly format.

Then, you must gather information which will eventually go into the resume. This would include your skills, experience, education, and accomplishments as they relate to the work.

Once you have all this sorted out, you can go through the following resume sample for a workers’ compensation coordinator:




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Workers Compensation Coordinator Resume Sample



Jade Gates
6 Beet Road, Columbia, SC89463
(000) 965-8545


Workers’ compensation coordinator, boasting 8 years of solid track record of ensuring timely processing of workers’ compensation claims. Demonstrated expertise in evaluating accident reports, and ensuring adequate investigation. Hands-on experience in maintaining subrogation records and files for third parties.

– Incident Evaluation
– Facts Compilation
– Accident Review
– Staff Training
– Data Gathering and Analysis
– Benefits Calculation
– Cost Determination

• Strategized a workers’ compensation plan, replacing the old inefficient one.
• Implemented a facts compilation system, as a result, decreased case management time by 50%.
• Introduced an information analysis system, hence, increased system efficiency by 60%.
• Trained 50+ claims coordinator, to handle claims management work.


Workers Compensation Coordinator
The Cheesecake Factory, Columbia, SC | 2015-present

• Investigate injuries and accidents to identify causes and potential corrective measures
• Support and train supervisors with workers’ compensation claims reporting and management
• Coordinate and administer compensation programs, and process documents
• Act as a liaison between injured employees and medical providers
• Provide injured employees essential information regarding their claims
• Assist adjusters and legal representatives with requests for information
• Process statement requests on a daily basis
• Review accident reports in order to identify injury patterns
• Advise departments about injury trends, and suggest ways to improve safety
• Document contact by telephone and through email
• Authorize payments of medical bills and disability benefits

Workers Compensation Assistant
Fourwinds Casino Resort, Columbia, SC | 2011-2015

• Assisted in evaluating accident reports, medical reports, and witness statements
• Performed research based on workers’ compensation coordinator’s instructions
• Wrote and sent subrogation letters to third parties in order to obtain reimbursement
• Compiled facts and data pertaining to accident reports and filed cases

Bachelor of Business Administration
Columbia Business College, Columbia, SC – 2009

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