Intake coordinators work in hospitals and clinics where their primary work is to manage tasks between different departments. They are required to assist beneficiaries with queries and direct them to the appropriate departments for appeals and further information.

An employer looking to hire someone at this position will want to see a cover letter that oozes professionalism and coordination skills excellence. Look at the sample cover letter for Intake Coordinator Resume in order to get a better idea.


Intake Coordinator Cover Letter Example


829 Ann Street
Parkersburg, WV 33333

July 12, 2015

Mr. Michael Jordon
Manager Human Resources
Goals of Health
3990 College Park
Parkersburg, WV 53635


Dear Mr. Jordon:

I recently became aware of an opening for an Intake Coordinator at Goals of Health. With a master’s degree in social work along and a strong background in working at this position, I am confident that I am the just right candidate for this job.

As pointed out in the enclosed resume, I possess excellent communication skills that go hand in hand with a profound ability to work with all levels of the management. Since I have a thorough grasp on medical terminology and some experience in a call center environment, I know just what it takes to manage calls and provide beneficiaries them with prudent information or direct them according to the nature of their query.

By virtue of my education and practical experience, I feel that I very well suited for this position. I would welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss this position further. I will call you in ten days to inquire if you have received my credentials and will be available at (204) 444-4204 during the time in between.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Belinda Dodge

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