Foreman Job Description Sample

Updated on June 10, 2018

Foremen work in many industries, and their specific job duties may vary. In fact, their primary job is to direct onsite supervision of staff in the environment that they are working for.

A foreman is a supervisor who is responsible for making sure that all work duties within a production environment (which is usually where they work) are appropriately coordinated and carried out as they should be.

Working as a foreman comes with a lot of responsibility; the success of a project is usually based on how well the different elements and aspects are handled which is why employers tend to hire people who possess strong knowledge of construction procedures and have exceptional leadership qualities.

Foremen often have to work in extreme conditions which is why it is essential for them to be physically agile. They also need to possess exceptional time and change management skills and be able to work towards tight deadlines.

A foreman need not possess more than a high school diploma but he will need to be sufficiently trained in construction work. Many experienced construction workers can eventually work as foremen as they have acquired the experience and expertise necessary to run construction projects. As a foreman, you will be performing the following job duties:

Foreman Job Description Sample

• Handle creation of job duties and delegate tasks to construction workers
• Create and monitor schedules for each worker and ensure that he has the physical and mental ability to cope
• Ensure accuracy of work orders prior to handing them out and make sure that time efficiency is taken into account
• Make sure that work sites are cleaned and cleared of any hazardous materials prior to the beginning of a construction project
• Brief crew members about how daily tasks need to be carried out
• Manage construction budgets and track construction costs
• Ensure that all machinery and tools are available to the crew and everything is in proper order and state of maintenance
• Perform inspections to ensure that the crew’s performance is up to the set standards
• Coordinate separate modules of the construction process to provide harmony
• Ensure that all materials, supplies, tools and equipment are procured in a time efficient manner
• Monitor daily construction procedures to ensure that proper quality is maintained and that schedules are being followed
• Create progress reports on a regular basis and ensure that any significant information is communicated to the supervisor
• Handle on-site incidents and emergencies in a proactive manner
• Create and maintain positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely procurement of supplies and materials
• Ensure periodic maintenance and proper storage of construction equipment and tools