Food Technologist Job Description for Resume

Updated on August 17, 2017

Position Overview

Food technologists are hired by companies that manufacture, distribute and sell food products to consumers. These individuals are required to plan and organize routine and non-routine research and development activities concerned with chemical, biological and physical aspects of food products and lines, in order to evaluate and improve the quality of existing products. They also assist companies in developing new products and product lines, and ensure that they are received well by both existing customer base, and prospective ones.

Position Requirements

You need to possess a bachelor’s degree in food sciences if you want to work as a food technologist. Of course, you need to have some experience and exposure to working in this capacity before you apply for a job as one. A broad understanding of biochemistry and microbiology will go a long way in helping to bag the job of a food technologist. Solid verbal and written communication skills, along with demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment will also help. Additionally, you will need to possess some managerial or supervisory experience as well, since you will be overseeing the work of people working directly on food product development.

If working as a food technologist is what you want to do, it makes sense to go through the following list of duties particular to the work of one:


Job Description for Food Technologist Resume


• Conduct basic and advanced research to aid development of food products and lines

• Develop and implement new and improved methods and systems for food processing, production, quality control and packaging

• Study and adopt methods to improve quality of food products, including flavor, color, texture and nutritional value

• Create, develop and implement food standards and safety and sanitary regulations, along with waste management specifications

• Test new products and develop specific processing methods using laboratory equipment and specified procedures

• Handle product development, quality control and production inspection activities, and handle any issues that may arise on the way

• Check and monitor safety and quality control procedures from raw materials stage through to finished products

• Contact suppliers and vendors and select raw materials and other ingredients according to specifications provided by supervisors

• Compile, check and approve product specifications and ensure that labeling metrics are taken into account

• Coordinate launches of new products and relaunching of existing ones, in addition to running trials with product development teams

• Generate new product ideas and monitor the use of additives in food products, ensuring that they are added in accordance with health standards