IT Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 8, 2021

IT managers are an essential part of any organization that works with technology – which means probably every company. They provide IT solutions to companies that work in conjunction with leading business objectives.

The purpose of your cover letter for the IT Manager position is to stimulate the hiring committee’s interest to read your enclosed resume. You should give the reader enough information about your qualifications and experience – but not so much that the s/he is overwhelmed.

Look at a well-written cover letter sample that holds information that needs to be written when writing a cover letter for an IT Manager resume.

IT Manager Cover Letter Example

7389 East Avenue
Lowell, MA 88888

May 8, 2021

Mr. Mark Wood
Manager HR
Core Sols
6635 Pleasant Street
Lowell, MA 90019

Dear Mr. Wood:

Your advertisement for the position of IT Manager at Core Sols states that you are looking for a professional with strong IT background and insight. I’d like to take this occasion by offering my strong qualifications. As a energized IT professional working for six years in providing turnaround management, performance improvement, and corporate advisory services to companies, I am excited by the opportunity of contributing to Core Sols.

My experience and skills in IT operations, solution architecture, assessment, and strategy development have been well-honed due to working in the industry during its booming era. I have a proven record of providing leadership in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of new information systems technologies and have been involved deeply in a full-scale implementation of core IT projects in the company. Specifically, I am well versed with Blackberry Enterprise Server, Citrix, Microsoft SCCM, Exchange, and Active Directly and have worked extensively with all.

My information technology awareness is in a league of its own which you will determine yourself when you look through the details of the projects I have completed. It would be a great pleasure to have a chance of a personal meeting to discuss my accomplishments in detail. Please feel free to contact me at (000) 888-8888 for any further information that you may need regarding my qualifications for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jack Lemmon

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