Information Systems Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2019

There are many interesting and attention-grabbing ways to begin an information systems manager cover letter. For example, you can:

• Begin with what intrigues you about the company
• Top your cover letter by stating your core competencies
• Challenge the hiring company with a question


The catchier your starting phrase is, greater are your chances of getting an Information Systems Manager interview.

Since recruiters these days don’t have much time, the first impression is literally the last when it comes to cover letter skimming.

This first impression will decide whether or not your well-built resume will be read.

Take a look at the sample provided below.


Information Systems Manager Cover Letter Sample



Jason Lewis
54 Galaxy Sq
Tampa, FL 87401
(006) 444-3333 
jason . lewis email . com

July 19, 2019

Mr. Richard Owen
HR Manager
Common Wealth of Florida
679 Parliament Ave
Tampa, FL 87401


Dear Mr. Owen:

Could you use the services of a perceptive Information Systems Manager who has been highly commended for evaluating and implementing the latest software technologies to facilitate daily operations?

I am an IS Manager who likes to gets things done. My experience with fast-growing organizations renders me an ideal candidate for the position since I have developed a habit of remaining up to date with the latest trends in software technology.

Following are brief highlights of my qualifications:

• 3 years’ professional experience in computer programming and system analysis

• IT graduate with a bachelor’s degree in IT Management

• Skilled in development of CADD applications based computer programming and file management

• Adept at providing management assistance in planning, designing and implementation of computer technology to support various projects

• Demonstrated ability to install, operate and maintain PC systems and required software databases

• Familiar with Microstation, inroads, ProjectWise and other CADD applications

• Functional knowledge of website and content management systems

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you further and will call the week of July 26 to follow up. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jason Lewis

Encl. Resume

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