A successful cover letter for Private Investigator position essentially performs the following tasks:

• Explains why the candidate has sent the resume

• Persuades the reader to have a look at the enclosed resume

• Calls immediate attention to the elements from the candidate’s professional background that are applicable to the current position

• Either provides or refers to some information related to candidate’s profile required by the hiring company

• Communicates the candidate’s personality traits and motivation for the job

• Reflects the candidate’s communicational and interactive skills

• Showcases the job relevant accomplishments or capabilities

• Opens with an impressive paragraph radiating vibes of confidence

• Closes with a proactive call for action

Does your private investigator cover letter offer all these elements? If not, then it’s time to make some changes in it! Edit your cover letter for private investigator resume to align it with the above mentioned pre requisites.

Following is a private investigator cover letter based on these tips to serve as a sample.


Private Investigator Cover Letter Example


Nancy Gavin
766 Owen Street | Hartford, CT 67898
(004) 555-7777 | nancy . gavin @ email . com

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mr. Timothy banks
HR Director
ABC Company
24 Park Plaza
Hartford, CT 67898


Dear Mr. Banks:

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as application for the advertised position of private investigator at ABC Company. After reviewing the job description and requirements for the same, I found my profile offers the exact attributes you seek.With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a proven record of solving complex cases, I have the ability to become the most valuable asset of your company.

Following are some of my competencies corresponding to your job requirements:

✔ 8+ years of training and experience in conducting covert observations utilizing surveillance equipment effectively
✔ Connecticut State private investigator license
✔ In-depth knowledge and fluency of all tracking software, GPS and navigation systems, SMAT TRAK, FTP and the time and attendance software
✔ Proven track record of connecting pieces of evidence analytically analyzing all elements and compiling a comprehensive meaningful report based on observation logs and other sources including camcorder recordings and pictorial evidence

I’d welcome an opportunity of interview to discuss the private investigator position and I look forward to meet the other team members on board. Please contact me at (006) 444-6666 earliest possible to schedule a suitable date and venue for the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nancy Gavin

Encl. Resume