Loss Prevention Investigator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 28, 2022

A loss Prevention Investigator cover letter is an effective marketing tool because it enables the employer to know the candidate before taking a look at the resume.

Below are three golden tips pertaining to cover letter writing, followed by a sample cover letter for the loss prevention investigator position.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Loss Prevention Investigator Position?
  1. Open strong. Hook the reader’s attention with a unique opening.
  2. Relate your skills to the job description provided by the employer.
  3. End Proactively. Show them that you are eager to have an interview with them

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Loss Prevention Investigator Cover Letter Example

Harry Kingsley
3110 Onyx Ave
Mankato, MN 65888 
(000) 333–6565
arry @ email . com

March 28, 2022

Mr. Fredrick Gibson
HR Manager
DD Mart
68 Olive Lane
Mankato, MN 65888

Dear Mr. Gibson:

As a highly competent loss prevention investigator, I firmly believe that I can minimize losses at DD Mart.

My following qualifications and accomplishments make me an excellent contender for this role:

✔ Known for consistently reducing theft at FR Grocers and developing 100% foolproof loss prevention strategies.

✔ Demonstrated ability to investigate fraud and apprehend the internal or external law breaching individuals.

✔ Proven skills in hidden and routine surveillance, shortage audits, and loss prevention coaching of management and employees.

✔ Well versed in CCTV footage monitoring.

Furthermore, I am well versed in conducting loss and shortage audits. During my 10 year career in the loss prevention field, I successfully designed and executed staff training in LP techniques, which led to a considerable reduction in theft and fraud.

I would like to meet with you in person to further discuss my talents in loss prevention. If you need more information, please feel free to give me a buzz at (005) 333-6565. I will call you to follow up next Friday. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Harry Kinsley