Asset Protection Investigator Resume Sample

Updated on September 10, 2017


If you want to reach the Asset Protection Investigator interview stage, you must make sure that your basic job application document – aka the resume – is perfectly managed.

Relevant information and a solid format is what will get you to the top.

Here is a sample to look through:

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Asset Protection Investigator Resume Sample



Kyle Shatner

55 Sydney Road, Farmville, VA 64021
(000) 252-7854
kylesh @ email .com


Over 7 years of dedicated experience in providing support to companies with assigned investigations. Exceptionally talented in audits, internal and external investigations, and fraud identification. Specializes in identifying, observing and apprehending individuals for committing theft. Effectively works with law enforcement to conduct investigations, both internal and external.


✓ Internal Theft Control✓ Building Security✓ Investigative Analysis
✓ Theft Detection✓ Surveillance✓ Strategies Development
✓ Safety Awareness✓ Hazards Minimization✓ Control Logs Maintenance
✓ Daily Audits✓ Store Inventory✓ Reports Generation


• Minimized incidents of internal theft by implementing stringent controls for inventory safety.
• Increased building security 85% by introducing a foolproof surveillance system.
• Developed a series of shortage maintenance strategies resulting in decreased incidents of shortages due to loss.
• Trained 10 asset protection officers in handling asset protection work as part of their on the job training.


Asset Protection Investigator
GILT, Farmville, VA | 11/2014 – Present
• Create security standard operating procedures, and ensure that they are followed.
• Conduct thorough physical security screenings of all persons and things, including use of walkthrough and hand-held metal detectors.
• Monitor and operate systems such as electronic access controls and emergency notification surveillance systems.
• Set up and oversee burglar and alarm systems, ensuring that they are in good working order.
• Review and export surveillance of high shortage areas of the assigned facility.

Asset Protection Investigator
ABC Company, Farmville, VA | 8/2010 – 11/2014
• Conducted thorough investigations pertaining to internal or external loss or shortages.
• Followed up with or apprehend subjects suspected of theft, and performed walkthroughs to identify issues affecting safety and shortages.
• Created and maintained daily log of activities in predefined patterns, and in accordance with set protocols.
• Accurately completed cases, within the company’s case management system.
• Maintained surveillance of the property through CCTV and physical inspections, such as perimeter checks.

Asset Protection Officer
Saks Fifth Avenue, Farmville, VA| 2/2004 – 8/2010
• Assisted in identifying areas of concern regarding physical security of assets.
• Organized and oversaw annual store inventory, ensuring that all aspects are in check.
• Worked with internal investigators to conduct investigations on reported loss.
• Provided support in developing shortage strategies for different merchandise groups.
• Communicated safety awareness, and addressed potential hazards to protect internal and external customers.

Virginia State University, Virginia, VA – 2002
Bachelor of Business Administration

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