Asset Protection Investigator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 2, 2021
Position Summary

Asset protection investigators are hired across many industries to provide companies with protection against loss and theft.

They are expected to create and implement standard operating procedures to ensure that both internal and external theft and loss are minimized and that in cases where either or both are evident, measures are taken to counter them.

Position Requirements

Usually, a degree in business is required to work as an asset protection investigator. However, some organizations do not mind hiring individuals who have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to their name, provided that they know the work, and are insightful enough to ensure that asset protection work is properly carried out.

In addition to this, one has to possess exceptional skills in analyzing situations and problems and to be able to handle tricky situations according to protocol.

Other skills required to work as an asset protection investigator include great attention to detail, the ability to take initiative, knowledge of various systems such as CCTVs, access control, and alarms, and the capability of communicating effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

Also, it is imperative for asset protection investigators to be able to professionally correct and address individuals who violate facility rules and policies.

If you want to apply for the position of asset protection investigator, have a look at the following list of job duties particular to this position:

Asset Protection Investigator Duties, Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

• Assess assigned facilities’ security and asset protection standing, and provide viable suggestions of changes and amendments.

• Ensure that all standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed by all internal and external members of the company.

• Conduct thorough physical security screenings of individuals and their belongings, including the use of walkthrough and hand-held metal devices.

• Operate and monitor various systems, including electronic access controls, emergency notification systems, and burglar and fire alarms.

• Investigate possible thefts by reviewing and exporting surveillance footage to support investigations and resolution of claims and facility operations.

• Apprehended subjects suspected of theft, and ensure that they are restrained until law enforcement authorities arrive.

• Perform daily indoor and outdoor walkthroughs of the facility, to identify issues that may affect safety, shortage, and physical security.

• Ensure that accurate logs of all security breaches and activities are created and maintained according to standard protocols.

• Conduct audits on a regular basis to identify potential shortages and physical security issues.

• Complete all incident reports, ensuring that case feedback is provided to asset protection teams and field operators.