Staples Copy Center Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 2, 2016


Maintaining eye contact during an interview is extremely important, as it shows confidence. A confident interviewee is liked by interviewers who have no patience for people who are sweating buckets of nervousness.

Carry all your required documents with you when you appear for an interview (including a copy of your resume), dress neatly and ask questions when appropriate. An amalgamation of all these, along with preparing for the interview questions given below, will help you slide through the process with ease:


Staples Copy Center Interview Questions and Answers

Provide details of some of your main duties while working as a copy and print associate at Staples?
As a copy and print associate at Staples, I was largely responsible for running high volume copy machines and performing binding and finishing work. Additionally, I was required to ensure that all copy machines and scanners were in proper working order, and also performed preventative and general maintenance on them.

What specific skills do you possess that make you a good choice to hire as a copy and print associate?
My ability to build effective professional relationships with customer is my most treasured skill. I get along with people from all walks of life and can openly connect with them. I also possess the capability to assist customers by gauging their requirements and needs beyond the initial transaction, and I am comfortable in leveraging this trusted relationship to offer and provide solutions.

Do you think that it is imperative to have sales skills while working in a copy center?
While the work of most people working in copy centers does not require a lot of sales experience, it does help to know something about sales, and be able to upsell or perform cross-selling activities at the retail level.

As far as company image is concerned, how successful have you been in projecting a positive image of your workplace?
Through engaging customers in professional banter and inspiring them to obtain services, I believe that I have been extremely successful in projecting the company’s image as positive. This can be judged from the large amount of customers that come directly to my counter on a regular basis.

How important is it to ensure that the store / center environment is inviting for customers? Why?
It is imperative to ensure that the center is inviting for customers by maintaining a clean and tidy environment. This is because a copy and print center needs to be welcoming for customers to want to come again. If repeat business and customer loyalty is what a company is looking for, it needs to make sure that its copy and print center is cleaned properly and maintained on a regular basis.

What do you know about Staples as an organization and its services?
Staples is one of the largest office supply chain stores in the US and has over 3000 stores in 26 countries. The company sells office supplies, including office machines, promotional products and business services, both in-store and online. As one of the leading outlets that provide printing solutions, Staples is the place to go to for photocopies, digital printing solutions, customized business cards and rubber stamps, promotional products and lamination services.