Swim Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: June 21, 2022

Sarah Bling
4098 Stathham Road
Dublin, OH 78221
(000) 844-5214


Performance Summary
Extremely talented and safety-conscious swimming coach with 15+ years’ verifiable track record in creating and implementing useful swimming coaching lessons for aspiring learners. Teach both adults and children the basics of swimming by providing them with constant support and encouragement. A proactive individual who has a positive attitude and strong customer service skills.


✓ Basic / Advanced Instruction✓ Safety Methods
✓ Swimming Skills Development✓ General Conditioning and Fitness
✓ Competition Preparation✓ Race Strategy Development
✓ Corrective Feedback✓ Swimming Equipment Maintenance
✓ Individualized Lessons✓ Ability-appropriate Progressive Skills
✓ Goal Setting✓ Positive Reinforcement

Training: Successfully trained a team of young academics, resulting in their selection to the international swim team.
Strategizing: Created a series of swimming and racing strategies, based on which the facility is now developing swimming lessons.
Process Improvement: Improved the swim team selection process, making it more accurate, by incorporating advanced evaluation modules.
Training: Trained a batch of 6 assistant swim coaches for deployment to 6 different facilities.


Swim Coach
The Swimming Facility, Dublin, OH
4/2014 – Present
• Create and implement individualized coaching plans based on each student’s specific requirements.
• Provide students with essential information on swimming techniques and strategies.
• Model good swimming form by showing students how to use their arms and legs during swimming.
• Provide students with information on safety precautions and measures to be taken during swimming.
• Assist students in understanding necessary rescue work by training them in first aid and CPR.
• Provide specialized training to students aspiring to participate in competitions.
• Show students the use of pool /swimming equipment and oversee its maintenance and storage.

Assistant Swim Coach
Dublin Club, Dublin, OH
11/2007 – 4/2014
• Enrolled students in swimming lessons based on their strengths and limitations.
• Assisted swimming coaches in providing swimming training according to established plans.
• Ensured that all equipment and supplies required for training sessions were available and in good working order.
• Created and maintained student records and lesson logs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education 
Dublin College, Dublin, OH

Swimming Teachers’ Association, Dublin, OH