Gymnastics Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: February 15, 2018

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Gymnastics Coach Resume Example



Siam Green

6020 321st Street | Graham, WA 32020
(000) 453-2323 @ email . com


Physically dexterous, agile, and confident individual, with over 7 years of experience of working in a gymnastics coaching capacity. Highly skilled in creating and implementing well-placed gymnastics programs, based on the individual requirements of each participant.

• Demonstrated ability to establish and deliver a safe and fun gymnastics program, within a multi-sports environment.
• Excellent skills in preparing lessons and routines, for a diverse set of participants.
• Focused on developing positive relationships with participants, and providing motivational support and guidance.
• Competent in training and supervising new instructors, to deliver the best in gymnastics activities.


Plan Establishment Instructor Training Participant Monitoring
Mentorship Records Management Emergency Response
Athlete Preparation Policy Making Safety Measures
Activity Planning Quality Coaching Placement Testing

• Introduced the concept of placement testing, to determine the specific skills of each new participant.
• Implemented a core safety program, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Prepared 32 participants for the Olympics level, 19 of whom received medals.
• Successfully created a series of age-appropriate gymnastics programs, which could be easily tweaked to meet the dynamic needs of each participant.


Gymnastics Coach
YMCA, Graham, WA | 2012 – Present

• Confer with new participants to determine their interests in gymnastics, and provide them with offered facilities.
• Assess participants to determine their strengths and limitations, by leading demonstrations.
• Create and implement individualized gymnastics programs, to meet the varying needs of each participant.
• Oversee and monitor participants to ensure that their execution methods and procedures are accurate and appropriate.
• Assist participants with different exercises, and gymnastics activities, focusing on their safety and wellbeing.
• Teach participants the correct use of gymnastics equipment, ensuring that no injuries or accidents transpire.
• Oversee the maintenance and storage of gymnastics equipment, ensuring its safety.
• Train instructors and oversee their work to ensure delivery of appropriate instructions to participants.

Assistant Gymnastics Coach
Gymnastics Inc., Graham, WA | 2007 – 2012

• Assisted the coach in developing and implementing core gymnastics programs.
• Provided instructions regarding routines to participants, concentrating on correct methodologies.
• Ascertained that all participants followed safety procedures and precautions during routines.
• Oversaw the cleaning and maintenance of equipment, ensuring that it was put away at the end of the day.
• Created and maintained records of participants, and ensured that they were kept updated.

Graham High School, Graham, WA – 2005
High School Diploma