15 Houseman Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: May 31, 2023

A houseman represents a hotel’s services. And this is why employers hire people who are much accomplished in this area.

At the time of writing your resume and cover letter for a houseman position, you must make sure that you think of your accomplishments as well.

How exactly are accomplishments different from skills and duties?

As a houseman, your accomplishments will lie in your efforts, which had a positive effect on the hotel that you were working for.

For instance, being named Employee of the Year due to the exceptional contribution to the hotel is an accomplishment.

When a hiring manager sees this, he or she will automatically start picturing how you can replicate it for them.

When writing the accomplishments section of a houseman resume, or highlighting these in your cover letter, you have to make a conscious effort to make a positive impression.

This means that the choice of words has to be excellent.

Here are some examples of accomplishments statements that you can use on a houseman resume or houseman cover letter:

Sample Achievements for Houseman Resume

  1. Implemented a core guest room cleaning system, increased efficiency by 50%.
  2. Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on cleaning equipment, decreasing breakdown incidents by 80%.
  3. Successfully cleaned and maintained 32 guestrooms in one day, on a particularly busy day at work.
  4. Devised a bathroom and kitchen sanitization system considered 50% more efficient than the one already being followed.
  5. Significantly improved the supplies inventory system, by streamlining associated procedures.
  6. Suggested mattress flipping regularly, as a result, decreased the number of complaints from guests.
  7. Singlehandedly maintained the hotel’s HVAC system, with zero downtime.
  8. Successfully retained an angry guest, by providing him with exceptional services, consequently stopping him from going to the competition.
  9. Cut cleaning agents’ costs, by suggesting the onboarding of a cheaper, yet better vendor.
  10. Trained 25 other housemen in handling cleaning, and maintenance tasks as part of their training and induction program.
  11. Held a consistently perfect attendance record, thereby, being named “Employee of the Year” 3 times in a row.
  12. Surpassed supervisor expectations, by working back-to-back shifts for 2 weeks.
  13. Considered the best hotel houseman, on account of consistent high-quality service delivery to guests.
  14. Created and implemented core safety processes, as a result, decreased work-related hazards by 85%.
  15. Successfully supervised a team of housemen and laundry staff members for 5 weeks, in the absence of the supervisor.

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