Top 30 Housekeeping Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 4, 2020
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A housekeeper resume objective statement can go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of your housekeeping resume. In order to make a good housekeeping resume objective statement, you have to view the job description provided by the employer and tailor your objective accordingly.

Your objective statement should sum up the core cleaning skills that will help you succeed as a housekeeper. Besides cleaning and sanitation, you can also mention your soft skills such as organization, honesty, reliability, attention to detail, customer service, and communication.

The following are 30 perfect housekeeping resume objective examples, divided into different categories, to help you with writing a great objective.

30 Best Sample Objectives for Housekeeper Resume

Objectives for Housekeeping Agency

1. To work for ABC Company in the capacity of a dedicated housekeeper.  Leveraging skills in cleaning and sanitation to provide clients with extraordinary services while maintaining professionalism. Ability to multitask and prioritize work.

2. Trustworthy and diligent housekeeper seeking to become a part of XYZ Company’s housekeeping team. Bringing extensive experience in cleaning residential and commercial properties to surpass the expectations of clients. Strong organizational, communication, and time management skills.

3. Customer service-oriented housekeeper looking to contribute to the success of Compass Group. Leveraging talents in cleaning, polishing, laundry, and vacuuming to attain the highest level of client satisfaction. Excellent work ethic, friendly demeanor, and great attention to detail.

Residential Housekeeper Objectives

4.. A hardworking and quick individual, seeking a housekeeping position with Alliance Residential Company. Offering exceptional skills in cleaning and demonstrated expertise in using modern equipment to maintain a luxurious and inviting premise.

5. Seeking a housekeeping position with a private household. Offering talents in cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, lawns, and pools to create a clutter-free, neat, clean, and sanitary living space.

6. Seasoned Housekeeper with demonstrated skills in all aspects of common household cleaning looking for a position at ABC Company. Easy-going and positive nature, with exceptional customer service skills.

7. Meticulous housekeeper with exceptional work ethics and great attention to detail. Eager to work for XYZ to make the most of the skills in systematic and deep cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms to achieve the best outcomes.

Housekeeping Aide Resume Objectives

8. Quiet, and efficient home housekeeping aide seeking employment at ABD Residential Staffing. Leveraging skills in cleaning, mopping and sweeping, and dusting and hand-wiping to keep the clients’ home in a neat and organized condition.

9. Trustworthy, energetic, and honest housekeeping aide poised to work for ABC Company. Bringing 6+ years of residential housekeeping experience in private capacities, as well as great attention to detail and a passion for getting things done.

10. Top-performing Housekeeping Aide with 7+ years of environmental services experience, seeking employment at AAA Hospital to maintain the cleanliness of the hospital and office buildings in a sanitary, safe, and orderly manner, free from offensive odors.

11. Uniquely qualified housekeeping aide eager to work in a busy healthcare facility to leverage skills in the cleaning of patient areas, nursing stations, halls, lounges, laboratory, bathrooms, and any other assigned areas, in accordance with standard procedures.

Housekeeping Attendant Objectives

12. Seeking to join the Housekeeping Attendants’ team of ABC Hospital. Enthusiastic to perform a wide variety of housekeeping duties including cleaning rooms, making beds, replenishing linens, managing waste, and maintaining floors to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.

13. Talented, methodical housekeeping attendant, seeking a position with Houston City Hotel utilizing outstanding capabilities in cleaning, as well as a thorough knowledge of cleaning chemicals to provide hotel guests with a neat and clean environment.

14. Dedicated housekeeping enthusiast seeking a position as Housekeeping Attendant with Holiday Inn. Bringing 3+ years of experience working as part of a housekeeping team in busy hotels to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation standards. Willing to work the rotating shift.

15. Dexterous housekeeping attendant, leveraging skills in using different environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and modern cleaning equipment to contribute to the success of MGM Resorts.

Hotel, Motel and Resort Housekeeper Objectives

16. To work for ABC Motel in the capacity of a dedicated housekeeper. Bringing 2+ years’ experience in cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, trash removing, bed making, and linen-changing. Poised to go above and beyond the call of duty.

17. Exceptionally organized and self-motivated individual with 6+ years of professional experience in the capacity of a maid. Enthusiastic to use excellent cleaning, ironing, vacuuming, and polishing skills to excel as a Housekeeper at ABC Resort.

18. Physically agile Housekeeper looking for a position at Four Seasons Hotel. Bringing strong expertise in linen changing, items replenishment, and room/bathroom cleaning to ensure the comfort of guests and get 5-star ratings for the employer.

Hospital Housekeeper Objectives

19. A position as a housekeeper with St. John’s Hospital which will require me to use my cleaning experience to strengthen the facility’s cleaning operations.

20. To obtain a housekeeping position at Lakeridge Healthcare where extensive cleaning skills will be fully utilized to create a sanitized and infection-free environment.

21. Detail-oriented housekeeper looking for a position at AA Hospital. Bringing exceptional cleaning expertise to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere for patients, staff, and visitors.

22. To obtain a housekeeping position with a healthcare organization that will utilize my experience in providing cleaning and sanitization in compliance with the infection control procedures.

23. Detail-oriented housekeeper looking for a position at City Healthcare. Bringing talents in cleaning agents and equipment to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Special knowledge of COVID-19 infection control protocols.

24. To work as a Housekeeper for Newport Healthcare. Offering a track record of maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of busy and fast-paced hospitals to ensure a clean and infection-free environment for patients.

Cruise Ship

25. To obtain a Housekeeper position at Royal Caribbean Cruise. Leveraging exceptional talents in managing laundry, cleaning rooms and bathrooms, polishing furniture, waxing floors, and removing debris from hallways and pool areas to ensure excellent housekeeping service and get 5-star ratings.

Housekeeping Manager Objective

26. Looking for a job as a Housekeeping Manager where my extensive skills and expertise in managing housekeeping services will be utilized to provide guests with the pinnacle of services.

27. Results-driven housekeeping manager looking to contribute to the success of ABC Company’s housekeeping department. Detail-oriented individual, who effectively manages housekeeping teams and takes pride in a job well done.

Entry-Level Housekeeper Objectives With No Experience

28. Self-motivated college student looking for a position as a Housekeeper at X Company. Offers excellent physical stamina and knowledge of cleaning practices to convert customers into clients. Excellent relationship-building and organizational skills.

29. To secure an entry-level housekeeping position near the Houston Downtown area. Eager to create a comfortable, clean, and orderly home and office environment for clients. Strong work ethic and great attention to detail. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

30. Recent high school graduate looking for a Housekeeping position at the Sava Residentials. Leveraging knowledge of safe cleaning practices to contribute positively to the growth of the company.


If you want to craft an outstanding housekeeper resume that bring more interviews, then you must consider adding a compelling and targeted objective statement.

Whether you are sending a resume to an agency, hospital, college, or hotel, you have to write a targeted objective statement that caters to the needs of the employer.

It must be remembered that you must write your housekeeping objective in an attractive way that persuades the hiring manager to invite you to a housekeeping interview.

The 30 housekeeping resume objective examples written above will definitely help you create an exceptional objective statement.