Hotel Housekeeper Cover Letter Sample

February 19, 2017

Making your cover letters terrific is one of the easiest ways of making your career take off. Take more risks and offer more surprises in your cover letter. Finding fresh ways of selling your skills and benefits to an eager employer is not difficult if you pledge never to send a run of the mill communications. Bring yourself in a standout mode and you can stop worrying about your employment future.

Pepping up your words is perhaps the best thing that you can do when writing a cover letter. Sell yourself with style, charting out exactly what it is that you are capable of, and how you intend to use these capabilities to benefit the company for which you intend to work. Work out what the right razzle dazzle is for your cover letter by visualizing your reader, and then writing specifically for him.

How? This is how!


Hotel Housekeeper Cover Letter Sample


1124 West Street
Marrero, LA 74551

February 19, 2017

Mr. Victor Chambers
Hiring Manager
Motel 6
3001 4th Avenue
Marrero, LA 45210


Dear Mr. Chambers:

A busy hotel housekeeping department is where I started my professional life 5 years ago. Since then, I have come a long way, learning the ropes and contributing effectively to this particular department in many roles, the most current one being that of a hotel housekeeper. Fully comprehending that a hotel’s reputation and image is positively maintained primarily by the services that it provides, I have worked hard and diligently to ensure that routine cleaning and maintenance work is handled properly, and in a timely manner.

Last year, I was solely responsible for cleaning the entire east wing of the Hyatt (my present place of work) which consisted of 25 rooms, just in time for a foreign delegation to check in. My work was not only verbally appreciated – I also received a bonus for my contribution and hard work, and an Employee of the Year plaque!

Owing to my pleasant personality, and a will to genuinely provide service assistance, I can easily make a connection with hotel guests and show them how important they are. With extensive comprehension of waste clearing and disposing of activities and techniques, I am sure that I will be a credit to Motel 6 if hired as a hotel housekeeper.

If you are interested in hiring an individual who is vastly familiar with performing cleaning and maintenance tasks, while ensuring that all safety procedures are taken under consideration, I will be delighted to provide you with further insight into my abilities in a personal meeting.



Jason Hendrick

(000) 855-5214

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