Hotel Reservations Agent Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 13, 2020

A cover letter for the hotel reservations agent resume demonstrates a fit between your background and the advertised position. Keep this as your cover letter writing aim and you will not have to worry about being left off the employment bandwagon.

If you can effectively show yourself out as a particularly competent candidate in a cover letter, and reveal something about the quality of your mind, you are heading in the right direction.

The purpose of a Hotel Reservations Agent cover letter is to differentiate you from other people in the candidate pool. It is difficult because you cannot possibly believe that there is no one better than you are for a job!

Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that you write a cover letter that makes you look the best even if you aren’t the best technically.

It is all in how you play the game of words. Think of a Hotel Reservations Agent cover letter as a document that lays out your employment agenda and your qualifications.

A cover letter is also considered as your written communication sample that makes it easy for hiring managers to determine your communication skills.

Sample Cover Letter for Hotel Reservations Agent Position

Jennifer Red
11 Moscow Street
Middletown, DE 20514
(000) 987-2324
Jennifer @ email . com

November 13, 2020

Mr. Donald Phillips
Hiring Manager
Hotel Nexus
780 Windmill Road
Middletown, DE 05631

Dear Mr. Phillips:

The reservations part of working in a hospitality environment can be quite challenging – and challenges are exactly what I seek where work is concerned. I am interested in the open position of a hotel reservations agent at Hotel Nexus, a position that I am not only well-qualified for but one to which I have significantly contributed in the past.

As the first individual who introduced the concept of a “central reservations system” in the vicinity, I have been highly commended by the management, since the system quintessentially resulted in a high volume of guest referrals from the network. Also, having singlehandedly managed to reorganize the internal reservation system of the hotel, I have successfully streamlined the check-in procedure.

Possessing the will to excel, backed up by deep insight into reservation work in a hospitality environment, you will find me a good fit for your organization. I would like to set up an interview at your convenience and will call you next week to schedule it. You may also reach me during business hours (or leave a message) at (000) 855-3252.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jennifer Red