Hospitality Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 26, 2019

A cover letter for hospitality aide position helps your potential employer in understanding the proficiency and skills you can offer to their organization.

As a matter of fact, a Hospitality Aide Cover Letter helps the employer determine whether you are right for the position or not.


That is why it is very crucial to send in a cover letter along with your resume when applying for a Hospitality Aide job.

As this job requires punctuality, outstanding communication, and patient care skills, it is important these qualities should be included in your cover letter when applying for a Hospitality Aide position.

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Hospitality Aide Cover Letter Sample


Julian Ronald
12 Dryden Road
Ithaca, NY 14858
(000) 549-9656

August 26, 2019

Ms. Rosa Lewis
Hospital Administrator
Mount Vernon Care Center
1415 Country Club RD
Ithaca, NY 10231


Dear Ms. Lewis:

Your online job posting regarding a Hospitality Aide caught my eye because my academic background and work experience closely relates to your job description.

My personal goal is simple: I want to be a part of a prestigious organization that wants to excel in promoting a compassionate physical and psychosocial environment for the residents. My experience with NY City Hospital helped me developing excellent communication skills while interacting with healthcare specialists and patients.

I am a caring and compassionate individual who possess the following qualifications:

• Demonstrated ability to assist with resident care needs and comforts
• Well-versed in performing food service tasks
• Special talent for keeping care area neat, clean, and orderly
• Track record of following work assignments and schedules
• Strong ability to comply with HIPAA regulations

The opportunity to work with your prestigious hospital and contribute to its enriched environment is one that is highly appealing to me. I believe that if I had the opportunity to interview with you, it would be evident that my abilities are far-reaching.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Julian Ronald