9 Patient Care Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: November 24, 2021

To understand what patient care coordinators will be asked during an interview session, let us first determine what type of work they perform.

Medical facilities employ the services of patient care coordinators to ensure that proper care is provided to patients.

They make sure that all areas of patient care are coordinated for each patient – if a patient requires physiotherapy and also has an oral medication plan, patient care coordinators ensure that both work in sync with each other.

In many facilities, patient care coordinators are licensed nurses but this is not a requirement for every facility.

Patient care coordinators work at hospitals, dental clinics, care centers, and nursing homes and their work may differ depending on their individual workplace.

Most interview questions will pertain to the type of workplace you are experienced in – so if you have worked in a nursing home, you may be asked questions pertaining to your knowledge of ensuring proper care is provided to residents.

Interview questions for this position are mostly targeted at an individual’s ability to provide coordinated care to patients.

This means that essentially, the interviewer concentrates on your knowledge of different aspects of coordinated care and its application.

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Here are some questions that you may be asked at an interview for a patient care coordinator position:

9 Possible Patient Care Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why does working as a patient care coordinator intrigue you?

Working as a patient care coordinator provides me with a great opportunity to put my nursing skills and inherent love for looking after people into practice. The level of satisfaction that I get by providing and coordinating the care of patients who have limited lifestyles is immense.

2. What are some of the typical duties of a patient care coordinator?

Patient care coordinators develop and coordinate patient care plans. They ensure that each patient under their supervision is provided care according to his or her medical and emotional needs and that any problems are addressed immediately.

3. In your opinion, what are some of the other aspects of working as a patient care coordinator?

Patient care coordinators do not only provide direct patient care – in fact, in most instances, they just coordinate care plans. I deem monitoring the delivery of care provided, identifying progress towards care outcomes, and intervening to overcome deviations to care plans very important.

4. What skill do you consider is the most important in this position?

It is very important to be organized if you want to be successful in your work as a patient care coordinator. Coordination of health plans and activities requires a lot of organizational and analytic abilities.

5. What would you consider your distinguishing characters in this role?

I am knowledgeable of hospital policies and procedures, insurance coverage requirements, reimbursement procedures, and the arrangement of diagnostic procedures.

6. What is coordinated patient care exactly?

Coordinated patient care is actually in reference to patients who need more than one doctor to handle their diseases. Coordinated patient care is making sure that each patient is provided with what he or she requires in terms of doctors, hospital care, and medication.

7. In which avenue does coordinated patient care work really work?

Coordinated patient care typically works best for patients with autoimmune diseases. In such cases, patients often need more than one doctor to look after them. It is here that the work of a patient care coordinator really comes into play.

8. What do you consider the most important factor where the delivery of care is concerned?

I believe that quality assurance is of the most importance. The quality of care that is provided to the patient is what decides how well or how soon he /she will recuperate.

9. Tell us of a few skills that you deem important in this role?

Working as a patient care coordinator means that you have to have an analytic mind, firstly and foremostly. You also need to be resourceful, possess knowledge of case management techniques and be able to apply critical thinking skills to overcome deviations and handle emergencies.

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