Mental Health Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 26, 2015


Resumes are in actuality, only as good as the cover letter accompanying them. Considering this, doesn’t it make sense to spend some time on cover letters to make sure that they actually complement your resume and not hinder its path to success? Of course, it is!

What you write in a resume and how you write it tells a prospective employer a lot about your professionalism, competence and personality. And all three are what will eventually make you the perfect employee. The main purpose of a cover letter is to persuade the employer to invite you for a job interview. Make your cover letter do its work properly.

Some tips for creating an effective cover letter for mental health coordinator resume:

• Without judging yourself, collect your thoughts in whatever order they come in. And write them down. You can rearrange them in a sequenced order later.
• “With part time effort, you get part time results”. Spend some time on your cover letter. Don’t try to just get it out of the way.
• Write a draft first. Let it stay overnight and read it the next day. Make changes. Reread.
• Limit your cover letter to just one page. Write the way you talk. Try to make it well-worded and concise.
• Personalize each cover letter that you write to fit the specific circumstances, position or organization.
• Ask for opinions about the end result. Change things that do not seem right.

Are you ready to write a cover letter that will make you a shining star? Awesome! Last thing. Look at the sample below before you begin:


Mental Health Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


556 Maple Street
Cordova, TN 36252

November 26, 2015

Mr. Joshua Price
Hiring Manager
Crystal Stairs
32 Overcup Oaks Drive
Cordova, TN 32132


Dear Mr. Price:

Mental health counseling has been part of my existence ever since I volunteered for Correct Care Solutions in 2006. Starting initially as volunteer worker, I have found my niche – I now hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a current license (Professional Clinical Counselor – LPCC), backed by 10 years of experience in coordinating delivery of mental health services to my clients.

My journey into this profession has not been without event. As a recognized mental health coordinator who is responsible for the introduction and implementation of relapse prevention plans within the state –the program now coined as No Relapse – I have much to offer to the clients at Crystal Stairs. And this is not where my accomplishments end. I have also been highly commended by the Head of Psychology Department at the Tennessee State University for my contribution to the department, regarding a series of workshops that I led to provide students with guidance on remission management.

I have a lot more to tell you but valuing your time, I will end this correspondence here. However, I will call your office to ask for a mutually convenient time for us to meet. If needed, you can contact me at (777) 777-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Pamela Foster

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