Mental Health Therapist Resume Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2016

Endeavoring to write the perfect resume will bring you upon two facts – the first one is that you cannot write a perfect resume, and the second one is that you can definitely write a resume that will appeal to the specific “tastes” of a particular employer. The latter is perhaps due to the fact that resumes are documents that are handle differently in different situations. Each employer will have a different requirements, forcing you to create it according to him. One candidate, many resumes!

And here is a format that you can use to build or update your mental health therapist resume:


Mental Health Therapist Resume Sample


Sasha Cohen

96 Durrey Road ● Aurora, OH 80654 ● (000) 745-1421 ● sashcohen @ email . com


Professional Summary: Results-oriented mental health therapist with a verifiable track record of guiding patients who face issues that affect their mental health and wellbeing. Works effectively with individuals, couples, families and groups with a view to improve their mental health statuses. Documented success in creating wellness models as part of holistic approach to mental health therapy. Deeply familiar with examining issues including substance abuse, anger management, depression and stress. A versatile individual who successfully develops and implements therapeutic processes according to each patient’s individual requirements. Recognized for providing high-quality, compassionate and ethical mental health therapy to patients.


• Patient Assessment • Addiction Management
• Interview Conducting • Treatment Plan Formulation
• Individual and Group Counseling • Crises Intervention
• Structured Counseling Programs • Patient Responsiveness
• Special Needs Support • Risk Assessment Sessions
• Effectiveness Evaluation • Family Systems Insight

• Successfully rehabilitated a patient who was suffering from altered brain activity due to drug abuse
• Implemented a core mental health plan, which successfully treated a family suffering from mass hysteria
• Intervened in a crises situation involving a 10 year old child threatening to jump off a third floor apartment and managed to talk him out of it
• Formulated a system which dynamically measured the effectiveness of each mental health treatment plan and provided suggestions for improvement


Mental Health Therapist | 5/2011 to Present
Health Right, Aurora, OH

• Interview patients to determine their specific mental health conditions and problems
• Consult with families to obtain physical and mental health histories to assist with evaluation
• Provide individual and group therapy by aligning it with both scope of services and productivity expectations
• Facilitate individual therapy sessions for younger patients, particularly toddlers and teens
• Develop and implement focused treatment plans for patients, depending on their specific requirements

Mental Health Therapist | 4/2007 to 5/2011
City Healthcare, Aurora, OH

• Modified treatment according to each patient’s progress reports, to ensure delivery of a continually focused mental health treatment
• Provided one-on-one counseling to patients while ensuring that no judgement is passed
• Examined and treated issues such as substance abuse, aging, anger management, depression and self-image
• Created and maintained records of all patients under care and ensured that they are updated periodically

Counselor | 2/2004 to 4/2007
The Holistic Center, Aurora, OH

• Interviewed clients to determine their mental health conditions and created files with specific mental and physical health information
• Conferred with clients’ families to determine past mental health issues
• Assessment patients on an one-on-one basis by delving deep into their fears and hopes
• Created and implemented holistic treatment plans to assist clients in coming to terms with their conditions
• Evaluated the effectiveness of each implemented program and ensured that it any required changes or modifications were handled immediately

Ohio State University, Aurora, OH – 2003
Master’s Degree in Psychology