Fundraiser Job Description for Resume

Updated on April 20, 2017

Fundraiser is a broad term that is used for an individual (and sometimes an event) who raises funds for a certain cause. A fundraiser can work in a corporate or a community capacity, depending on his or her specific preferences. The main work of a fundraiser is to organize events and programs to collect funds to meet a goal or a mission, and to secure sponsorships.

Eligibility criteria to work as a fundraiser includes a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. If you have had some experience working as a volunteer (in a fundraising capacity), your candidature will become stronger. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enthusiasm to drum up support for your cause, the ability to manage the work of volunteers and interns, and exceptional organizational capabilities are just some of the skills that a fundraiser is expected to possess. In addition to these, it is expected of fundraisers to have it in them to network with sponsors and donors – forging positive relationships is one of the main duties of a fundraiser.

Whether it is a charity that you are working for or a corporate setting, your ability to develop new and imaginative fundraising activities will come into play. Here is a list of job duties that you will be performing in this role:

Sample Job Description for Fundraiser Resume

• Organize and help with traditional fundraising activities including sponsored and promotional events and street collections

• Recruit, train, and coordinate the work of volunteers and interns to ensure that they meet the requirements of the mission or program

• Approach individuals and communities such as schools, local authorities and commercial organizations for sponsorships and donations

• Develop novel fundraising ideas and events based on the individual requirements of each project

• Build relationships with existing supporters and ensure that new supporters are brought onboard

• Identify and secure funding from different avenues, by developing and submitting proposals and grant applications

• Contribute novel ideas for fundraising activities and identify suitable initiatives such as calls for proposals

• Produce and submit detailed action plans on specific areas of responsibility to identify areas for growth and outline measurable objectives

• Create and maintain media lists and develop strategies to encourage new or increased contributions

• Bring onboard sponsors, participants, volunteers and interns to assist in fundraising activities

• Prepare materials for charitable events including presentations, giveaways and gift bags

• Monitor budgets and expense reports along with other financial data to ensure that financial targets are being met