Fundraiser Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter is not considered a cover letter until it tells the hiring manager much about a candidate’s aspirations and skills. Fundraiser cover letter writing is a huge responsibility. Whether you will be able to handle it or not is something that you have to look into, because it is not just the writing part that you have to look out for – it is also the “making sense” part that needs to be covered.

Employers receive many cover letters during each employee hunting spree, but most of them leave a lot to be desired. How you portray yourself matters immensely. Employers almost never look for mediocre employees. When they are on the hunt, they expect to find the best option for an open position. And if you can convince the hiring manager that you are the best through a cover letter, there is a great chance that you will be the person who will fit into the vacant position.

To make your cover letter writing endeavors somewhat easier, take a look at the following sample:


Fundraiser Cover Letter Sample


Midge Plankton
542 West Hamilton Ave
Rio Rancho, NM 54122
(000) 154-7852
Midge @ email . com

April 20, 2017

Mr. Terry Plat
Human Resource Manager
Real Fundraising
32 Hunters Meadow Circle
Rio Rancho, NM 25002


Dear Mr. Plat:

What got me interested in fundraising was a short stint as a volunteer for Charity Concerns, which developed into pure love for this work. Since then, I have been involved in many fundraising projects (both in a corporate and community capacity) and have excelled in all my roles over the years.

Anticipating a fundraising position at Real Fundraising, I offer the enclosed resume for your consideration. Over the past 10 years, I have become increasingly familiar with activities such as inspiring new supporters to raise money, organizing traditional and modern activities such as sponsored outdoor events and door-to-door collections, and developing and coordinating web-based fundraising and merchandise sales. Not only am I an expert in all these areas, I have exceptional proficiency in developing and implementing strategies to ensure the successful outcome of all proposed fundraising activities and programs.

Having led a large team of volunteers and interns to perform fundraising activities in the past, with exceptional exposure to creating and maintaining effective liaison with sponsors and donors, I am positive that my prior experience (and associated skills) will be of great interest to you. To further shed light on this, I will contact you soon so that we can meet in person. Until then, you may contact me at (000) 154-7852.




Midge Plankton

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