Sample Objectives for Hotel Front Desk Resume

Updated on: September 6, 2018

The person working at the front desk of a hotel is critical because s/he is usually the first point of contact with guests. People working at the front desk of a hotel are expected to provide guests with information regarding the hotel’s services and booking.

The ability to multitask and stay polite at all times is an absolute must for someone working in this position. Since the front desk of an organization and its services decides customer services for the company, it is imperative for the front desk staff to be entirely in control of the work that they are performing.

People working at the front desk may include managers, associates, and clerks. Front desk clerks in a hotel environment are expected to greet guests and provide them with booking information and then assist them to their rooms. They are also likely to create a liaison with other members of the staff to manage appropriate customer services. A front desk manager will ensure that the entire front desk staff is doing their work well and assist in conflict resolution.

If you are applying for a position at the front desk of a hotel, you may need to have a look at the following objectives to build a good resume.


Hotel Front Desk Resume Objective Examples

• Outgoing Hotel Front Desk Specialist with 2+ years of experience in specific front desk operations. Seeking to leverage my expertise to excel in the new role through facilitating an exceptional guest experience.

• To obtain employment as a Front Desk Manager at Cook’s Suites where expertise in developing an excellent front desk team and ability to maintain a tranquility atmosphere can be fully utilized.

• A Front Desk Manager position with Hilton Suites. Offering exceptional staff management skills and conflict resolution acumen to orchestrate the smooth flow of operations for the hotel.

• Looking for a Front Desk Clerk position with Hyatt applying skills and expertise in guest orientation to provide the best services. Eager to bring additional revenue through effective front desk operations.

• Seeking a Front Desk position with Lyntot Inn using capabilities in providing guest services along with a demonstrated ability to communicate with a diverse populace.

• To work for Harbor Inn as a Front Desk Officer using expertise in ensuring that the staff shows professionalism and quality in providing the optimum guest services.

• Desire a Front Desk Agent position at Affinity Hotel utilizing skills in phone calls handling, making reservations, check in/out guests and accommodating the guests’ needs.