Front desk clerks work in a variety of settings, mostly at hotels, resorts, lodges, educational and healthcare institutions, and government and private sector organizations.

Their primary job is to manage front desk operations, greet guests and visitors, provide them with relevant information and direct them to the right place or department. In some settings, front desk clerks are required to perform secretarial tasks, take phone calls and process information for callers.

Since front desk clerks provide tier one services, it is very important that they possess a certain type of personality and the skills to go with it. They should be able to provide all services with courtesy even in times of severe distress and be able to handle crises in a professional manner. They also need to possess excellent coordination skills so they can coordinate work between the guests and other departments.

A resume for a front desk clerk should be customer service-oriented – to say the least. It is an established fact that employers get general idea of the candidate’s personality, and decide how to process a resume, by looking at the first line only which is why the resume objective line should be extremely compelling.

Look at a few workable resume objective statements for a front desk clerk’s position:

Front Desk Clerk Resume Objective Examples

● Customer service-oriented Front Desk Clerk seeking a position with Marriott. Offers exceptional customer service skills and secretarial experience to contribute to the hotel’s ongoing success in delivering exceptional guest service while exceeding the targets of financial profitability.

● A highly motivated and hardworking individual looking for a position as a Front Desk Clerk at Amway Heights. Offering exceptional customer service skills and 2+ progressive experience in front desk management.

● Looking for a position of Front Desk Clerk with Hotel Up where skills in providing excellent patron care and outstanding knowledge of the hospitality business will be utilized to work towards the success of the hotel.

● Seeking a position of Front Desk Clerk where ability to work in a challenging environment and guest etiquette is utilized to ensure customer satisfaction.

● To obtain a Front Desk Clerk position with Acme Inn utilizing excellent communication skills and the ability to coordinate work effectively in order to provide an excellent hospitality experience for guests.

● A position as a Front Desk Clerk with Zelda Hotels and Suites. Offering integrity and the ability to work in a team effectively while ensuring the best of guest services provision.