Cover Letter Sample for Coffee Shop Assistant

Updated: March 22, 2018

Position Overview

A coffee shop assistant has a lot of tasks to perform on a daily basis. From preparing drinks, coffee, and food, to serving and collecting payments – they have to be able to do them all.

They take their orders from patrons, relay orders to barista or kitchen staff and serve guests promptly. They are also required to assist managers and coworkers in a vast array of duties.

Take a look at the following cover letter sample for a coffee shop assistant resume to see what qualities hiring managers to want to see in a candidate.



Coffee Shop Assistant Cover Letter Example



90 Primrose Street
Eugene, Oregon 99030

March 22, 2018

Ms. Carolyn Clive
Coffee Shop Manager
Cheeky Joe’s
2425 Videra Drive
Eugene, Oregon 99033


Dear Ms. Clive:

I recently met with Jenna Dodge who works as a waitress at Cheeky Joe’s. She strongly recommended that I apply for the open position of a Coffee Shop Assistant. Comprehending the fact that I possess the necessary customer orientation skills and the ability to perform several tasks at the same time, she concluded that I am the ideal candidate to fill this position.

Since this work involves meeting with different kinds of people each day and striving to keep them all satisfied, I would like to utilize my keen sense of customer services and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Understanding the fact that coffee shops have long opening hours, I possess the ability to work round the clock efficiently. Since I have worked in hospitality roles earlier, I am comfortable with food and coffee preparation and serving techniques that are particular to most coffee shops. My adeptness at applying flexible approaches to work methods and the ability to work in harmony with other team members has been commended many a time!

I am confident that I can bring a touch of high professionalism to Cheeky Joe’s. I would like to meet with you to discuss this further for which I will call you after the weekend. In the interim, if you need any additional information from my side, please call me at (000) 191-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Doe

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