Sample Skills for Makeup Artist Resume

Updated on November 25, 2014

The most selling feature on any resume is a relevant and powerful skills section. In order to write a winning makeup artist resume, you need to highlight your relevant skills effectively. Sometimes the candidate has the required skills but his or her resume fails to convince the employer of the same. Don’t let this happen to your candidacy. Below are some tips on how to phrase your skills to enhance their impact:

● Incorporate keywords into your skill statements.

● Highlight the skills most wanted by the prospective employer.

● Instill confidence in your statements.

● Communicate a blend of skills like communication skills, management skills and public dealing ability in addition to makeup application skills.

We have divided the skills in broad categories for your convenience.

Sample Skills for Makeup Artist Resume

Makeup application skills
• Competent in all range of makeup application including party, wedding, funeral and TV shoot makeup.
• Expert in base application and pre-makeup skin toning.
• Full command on lip and brow shaping and contouring.
• Apt in blending eye shades and using liquid and dry liners to shape the eyes.

Organization skills
• Demonstrated skills in inventory management and timely replenishment of supplies.
• Good time management skills with proven ability to multitask.
• Skilled in keeping appointments and finishing the task to perfection within allocated time frame.

Hair styling skills
• Proficient in making various types of braids and buns.
• Extensive knowledge regarding hair dyeing and extension application protocols.

Nail Art Skills
• Expert in manual nail art and nail pattern printing.
• Competent in various type of manicure and pedicure.

Cosmetology skills
• Substantial ability to analyze the clients’ skin type and recommend the suitable products and treatment.
• Well versed in toning skin with various facial massage techniques prior to makeup application.
• Expert in identifying the natural facial beauty lift points and enhance the same through strategic blusher application.

Comprehension skills
• Proficient in reading and understanding precautions pertaining to certain products usage as given in accompanying manual.
• Good listening skills with profound ability to grasp the customer’s preferences, demands and requirements.
• Well versed in understanding and following workplace safety instructions.

Communication skills
• Proven ability to communicate effectively with customers.
• Well versed in offering skincare and makeup application advice and consultancy services utilizing profound knowledge of cosmetology.
• Demonstrated ability to promote products, services and offers to clients verbally, over the phone and through email.
• Proficient in giving product presentations and service demonstrations.

Interpersonal skills
• Excellent ability to build professional relationships with clients.
• Well versed in negotiating deals and selling products to clients.