Entry Level College Professor Resume Sample (No Experience)

Updated on: July 3, 2017

Even resumes that are created to apply for an entry level position (or a first job) can have quite an impact on the hiring manager. It all depends on the type of information that you place in a resume, and how much information you provide.

College professor resumes are generally comprehensive documents so they need to be written well. Reaching out to a prospective employer is important if you want them to realize your worth. And there is no better way to reach out to him or her than through a resume which has the capacity to say a lot.

Many of us feel trapped when attempting to write a resume for an entry level college professor position. Perhaps it is our lack of confidence regarding our experience that makes us feel inadequate. When something like this happens, remember that a hiring manager does not only concentrate on one’s experience – skills and competencies count as well.

Below is an entry level resume sample to help you decide what to put in yours:



Entry Level College Professor Resume Sample ( No Experience)



Evan Dudley

92 Whitebird Road | Edgewood, NM 54581
(000) 874-9654 | evandud @ email . com


Performance Profile
Competent and qualified college profession with deep comprehension of handling continuous assessment, and engaging in expanding teaching methodologies and delivery systems, aimed at improving student academic success and retention. Demonstrated ability to teach courses in assigned subject areas, placing special focus on imparting knowledge.

Professional Highlights
• Skilled in conducting instructional exercises, working with student groups and on a one on one basis
• Proficient in supervising students throughout the course of the class, ensuring appropriate discipline
• Adept at conducting grade checks during each grade cycle, ensuring the adherence of college standards and protocols

Professional Skills

✓ Teaching Methodologies ✓ Behavior Management ✓ Instructional Plans
✓ Research & Development ✓ Materials Development ✓ Student Counseling
✓ Curriculum Creation ✓ Student Involvement Plans ✓ Assessment and Grading


North Minnesota State University, Edgewood, NM – 2017
Master’s Degree in English Literature


Instructor | 1/2017 – 5/2017
The Academics, Edgewood, NM
• Assisted in creating and implementing core lesson plans to meet the specific needs of each student
• Performed research to develop teaching materials to aid in teaching complex concepts
• Oversaw student behavior within the class, ensuring that behavioral standards are met constantly
• Assessed students according to metrics provided by the institute and graded their work and exam papers
• Provided one on one and group counseling to students, to help them realize their academic goals

North Minnesota State University, Edgewood, NM | 2/2014 – 12/2016
• Volunteered teaching services at the local SOS Village, providing young adults with age-appropriate education to help them get through high school
• Titled Student of the Year 3 times in a row, owing to exceptional academics and involvement in school and community work