6 Train Driver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: February 23, 2021

The Train Driver interview stage needs to be dealt with more carefully than anything else, as it is the last stage of the job application process – and that is why it is the most important. Go in well-prepared and you will come out a winner.

To prepare well for an interview for a train driver position, here is a set of questions and answers that you can go through:

6 Common Questions and Answers for Train Driver Interview

1. What made you decide that you wanted to pursue a career as a train driver?

The fact that I have loved trains ever since the first time I sat on one, was what got me started. As I grew up, I realized that driving a powerful vehicle such as a train through the chartered ground is a great feeling. And what can be better than doing a job that you have always wanted to do!

2. What are your pre-run activities as a train driver?

Before I embark on a journey with my passengers, I always make sure that engines and equipment are in proper working order. I get in touch with control centers to determine my routes and to gain information on any problems on the way.

3. As a train driver, how do you feel about interacting with your passengers?

A train driver does not interact much with passengers. However, on the occasions that I do, it is a pleasure to answer their questions and making them feel comfortable about the journey.

4. Train drivers usually have to work solo. How do you while away the time during long hauls?

As someone who loves to travel, whiling away time is never a problem. The terrain around me and the sense of adventure keeps me busy and help me concentrate on my work.

5. Do you think that it would be helpful to do an activity such as listening to music while steering a train, to ward off boredom?

Bad idea. Doing anything distracting while you are responsible for the well-being of hundreds of passengers is a crime.

6. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you were in a spot where your decision made all the difference to that situation? What happened?

Through the communication system, I was told that there was a lady sitting on the train tracks, and refusing to move. We were still 3 miles away from that spot. While protocol said that I had to keep the train moving, I couldn’t, knowing that I will run her down in a few minutes. I slowly brought the train to a halt, apologized to the passengers, and explained the situation. And I only started the engine again once I was given the all-clear.