Courier Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 29, 2022

If you want to write a great cover letter for a courier driver position, you must write that how your qualifications and experiences will help you in outperforming in the new role.

Have a look at the following example in order to get a good idea.

Courier Driver Cover Letter Example

Thomas Smith
9818 Fox Drive
Cold Lake, AB D5V 9U3

January 29, 2022

Ms. Zoey Williams
Senior Manager (Admin & HR)
The Net Couriers
11 12th Street
Cold Lake, AB F7R 2C1

Dear Ms. Williams:

I am very interested in working as a Courier Driver for Net Couriers because I possess all the necessary experience and skills required for this job. My current Alberta’s C Class Drivers License, combined with an exemplary driving record, makes me a perfect candidate for this position.

As noted on my resume, I am highly skilled in driving and maintaining a variety of vehicles in addition to loading and unloading documents and goods while performing all associated paperwork. I am familiar with all major and minor routes inside the city and have a proven ability to maintain strict schedules and adhere to road safety standards.

Furthermore, I possess demonstrated verbal and written communication skills and a proven ability to work effectively without supervision. I am physically fit and able to handle over 50kgs of weight and possess the ability to stand for long hours.

My resume is enclosed for your review and will provide you with further details of my driving career and related skills. I will call your office after a few days to find out the possibility of an interview. Alternately, I will be available at 000-999-999 if you require any additional information regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas Smith

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