Nutrition Services Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: May 30, 2022

As an important document that has a lot of information, a resume for a nutrition service aide position is often not very easy to create. 

However, there is no way that you can be considered for a job if you do not send in a resume.

To help you prepare your resume, you can get help from the following sample:

Sample Resume for Nutrition Services Aide Position

Rose Desmond
7585 Mill Road
Canfield, OH 66520
(000) 955-6352
rosedes @ email . com


8+ years of progressive experience in preparing food items in accordance with patients’ specific preferences and implementing dietary plans effectively. Documented success in providing important information to ensure the development of core nutritional plans for individual patients. Proven record of educating patients on the importance of a good diet and related activities, to ensure their conviction.

• Introduced a series of nutritional food plans for patients with chronic illnesses such as SLE and MS.
• Successfully put 4 patients suffering from bowel cancer into remission, by exchanging their white sugar intake with organic brown sugar.
• Set up core tracking systems to trace patient intake, reducing paperwork by 50%.
• Wrote a series of informational booklets on the importance of dietary changes to ward off diseases, which were made part of the facility’s patient education programs.


Nutrition Services Aide
Great River Health System, Canfield, OH
7/2013 – Present
• Assist the nutritionist in creating and implementing core nutrition plans for each individual patient.
• Confer with patients and their family members to obtain information on diseases, medical conditions, and food allergies.
• Develop menus and recipes according to set instructions and ensure that the kitchen staff is made aware of them.
• Oversee food preparation activities to ensure that they are being done according to the established plan.
• Provide input on matters such as salt and sugar portions in individual meals, to ensure the efficacy of the meal plan.
• Carry trays to patients’ rooms and ensure that they finish their meals by constantly encouraging them.
• Record / log food intake by each patient and provide feedback regarding any recently developed food allergies.
• Ascertain that food trays are timely returned to the kitchen and oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of the kitchen area.

Nutrition Intern
The Health System, Canfield, OH 
2/2012 – 5/2013

• Provided assistance with menu planning by offering insight into food planning activities.
• Carried trays of prepared meals to patients’ rooms and ensured that they partook their meals in a timely manner.
• Handled food wastage by properly disposing of leftovers and ensuring that any hazardous materials are managed with care.
• Cleaned and sanitized kitchen areas, including counters and equipment such as grills and fryers.
• Ensured that all food items necessary for meal planning are available.
• Handled stock rotation tasks.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition – 2011
Canfield University, Canfield, OH

• Meal Planning
• Chronic Illness Dietary Support
• Reports Creation
• Quality Standards Maintenance
• Kitchen Sanitation Protocols
• Food Waste Management
• Menu Creation
• Recipe Tweaking
• Food Preparation
• Inventory Monitoring
• Portioning
• Kitchen Appliances Maintenance