Nutrition Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: June 29, 2016

Not even a million pieces of advice will prove to benefit you if you are not aware of one small thing about resumes. And that is the fact that each position for which you apply, your resume has to be completely tailored. Imagine sending one standardized resume to everyone – by doing this, you are addressing your own needs and not the requirements of the person who is responsible for hiring you.

Irrespective of which position you are anticipating to obtain, you need to make your resume a wholesome document. Here is a sample resume for nutrition aide position which will help you build your resume.


Nutrition Aide Resume Sample


Simone Simpson

1120 David Road ● Cedar Rapids, IA 00321 ● (000) 366-8541 ● simpsim @email .com


Performance Summary: Self-motivated and competent Nutrition Aide with deep exposure to providing basic health and nutrition information to clients and groups. Highly skilled in identifying clients with special nutrition needs and provide them with assistance in determining nutrition plans, under the supervision of a nutritionist. Consistently exceed expectations through developing nutritional education materials and participating in community outreach programs. Qualified to handle food portioning and preparation duties, with special focus on individual patients’ specific needs. A confident professional who efficiently follows instructions.


– Lifestyle Change Management – Recipe Development
– Food Inventory – Basic Food Safety
– Chronic Illness Management – Time and Temperature Management
– Process Quality Assurance – Meal Scheduling
– Food Portioning – Geriatric Population Nutrition
– Contamination Management – Kitchen Equipment Operation

• Created a special diet for patients with chronic illnesses which reduced their symptoms by 85%
• Developed base recipes for patients with diabetes, hypertension and digestive disorders, now being used as a basis for all food preparation activities
• Successfully obtained organic ingredients for 90% of the recipes being followed by the facility
• Trained kitchen staff of 19 people to strictly follow food safety and hygiene processes during food preparation activities


Nutrition Aide | 5/2014 – Present
Fairview Health Services, Cedar Rapids, IA

• Go through all patients’ case histories to determine their lifestyles and diseases
• Determine any food allergies that they may have and ensure that a note of warning is attached to their files
• Take instructions from nutritionists to develop a diet plan for each assigned patient based on his or her specific requirements
• Assist in the development and implementation of core nutrition plans for individual patients and groups
• Work with kitchen staff to ensure that all recipes are being followed and that food safety standards are followed

Nutrition Aide | 11/2010 – 5/2014
City Health, Cedar Rapids, IA

• Assisted in portioning food items on dishes and trays and carrying them to patients’ rooms
• Provided patients with information on how the prepared food will help them reach their wellness and weight loss goals
• Ascertained that patients eat their meals on time and provide them with counseling on specific nutritional subjects
• Developed educational materials on topics such as organic eating and wellness through nutrition

Nutrition Intern | 2/2009 – 11/2010
Bellavue, Cedar Rapids, IA

• Assisted kitchen staff in understanding nutritional packages for each resident
• Ascertained that appropriate recipes are being followed and that organic ingredients are being used
• Handled food portioning activities and assisted residents in partaking their meals
• Provided residents with information on how balanced meals will help them with their specific wellbeing goals
• Ascertained that all ingredients and utensils were properly cleaned and carefully stored

Cedar High School, Cedar Rapids, IA – 2009
High School Diploma