Nutrition Services Worker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: June 2, 2023

Nutrition Services Worker Job Description

A great lifestyle change is our food intake which plays a vital role in how healthy a life we lead.

Across the globe, people are getting more and more conscious of their nutritional needs.

Many new professions have cropped up in the past couple of decades owing to the growing needs of health-conscious people.

The position of a nutrition services worker is fast becoming popular owing to people’s need for understanding how they can go about ingesting the nutrition that their bodies require.

While a nutritionist has to chart out plans for clients to handle their nutritional needs, nutrition services workers perform the actual duties needed to carry out these plans.

They handle many food preparation duties which are very important as far as a nutrition plan is concerned.

Working in independent nutritional facilities mostly, nutrition services workers are responsible for many activities that are vital to the success of the facility’s programs. Some of these duties include:

Nutrition Services Worker Duties & Responsibilities

• Perform food preparation duties under charted-out nutrition plans
• Confer with clients to determine their food preferences
• Ensure that all food items are available and order any items that are short in supply
• Inspect food items to ensure that the correct quantity and quality have been received
• Maintain food preparation equipment and ensure appropriate storage
• Oversee food preparation activities and provide feedback and instructions to the food manager
• Ensure that food preparation and serving areas are clean and sanitized properly
• Assist in making food and beverage items in accordance with mandated nutritional meal requirements
• Participate in nutritional education activities
• Ensure that food items are rotated properly and that any near-expiry items are discarded immediately
• Maintain clients’ records in order to refer to them when preparing meals
• Ensure appropriate heating and reheating of prepared meals
• Make sure that food is prepared according to the facility’s standards of quality and hygiene
• Handle preventative maintenance activities such as changing water filters and cleaning equipment
• Order food items and other related items from the suppliers and ensure that supplies are received in a timely manner
• Set trays with food items and services for clients
• Report any malfunctions to the food service maintenance work and ensure that the problem is fixed as soon as possible
• Respond to inquiries about food preparation activities and protocols
• Maintain inventory logs and manage appropriate reports for follow-up procedures
• Operate cash registers in order to obtain cash in exchange for food items sold