Entry Level Dental Hygienist Resume No Experience

Updated on: August 31, 2015


Filling up space is not what you need to do when you are an entry level applicant who is writing a dental hygienist resume. The hiring manager who will read your resume will know that you do not have experience and will not expect to see long lists of irrelevant things that you have done. It will probably not even be a requirement for him. So do not waste precious time doing something that will bring you nothing in terms of value.

Start with a good summary statement that compels the hiring manager to keep reading. If you want to write an objective instead of a summary, by all means do so. Just remember that you will be able to add more value to what you want to say if you write a summary of qualifications instead.

Many people still stick to the idea that putting in extracurricular activities (and entire list of it) will be a credit to them, because hiring managers like knowing what kind of a person they are but seriously, knowing that they can play football isn’t going to help their career! So leave out the “special interests” and “extracurricular activities” sections completely.

A word of caution: An entry level resume for dental hygienist position is your introduction to the professional world. Do not let it die a premature death. Spend time building it and put in content that is interesting to read and is of good use to the employer. What follows is an entry level resume sample for a dental hygienist position:


Entry Level Dental Hygienist Resume No Experience


Wes Froebel

4022 Crest Street ● Hallowell, ME 04781
(999) 999-9999 ● wesfro @ email. com

 Dental Hygienist

PROFILE: Energetic professional with hands-on experience in cleaning accretions and calcareous deposits from teeth and under gum margins. Proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced dental practice. Well organized with great attention to detail and exceptional customer service and time management skills.

• Maine Dental Hygiene License
• Proficient in performing assessments to determine condition of patients’ teeth and gums
• Adept at developing and implementing core dental plans aimed at maintaining good oral and dental hygiene
• Specialized courses in applying fluorides and other cavity preventing agents
• Knowledge of placing filling materials and periodontal dressings


• Oral hygiene • Dental impressions • Local anesthesia
• Preventative oral care • Dental x-rays • Stains/plaque removal
• Root planning • Pain control • Sealants and fluorides


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene


• Oral Anatomy and Embryology • Clinical Practice
• General and Oral Histo-Pathology • Radiology
• Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist • Introduction to Periodontology
• Local Anesthesia • Dental Public Health
• Periodontology • Dental Materials
• Advanced Clinical Concepts • Nutritional Biochemistry


DENTAL AESTHETICS, Hallowell, ME (6/2014 to 11/2014)
Dental Hygiene Internship
• Assessed patients’ oral problems by carrying out evaluation activities
• Performed teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing duties
• Provided nutritional counseling to patients and families
• Assisted in selecting appropriate fluoride treatments and applying them properly
• Made impressions of patients’ mouths for creating mouth guards, braces and casts


CPR Certification