Customer Service Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2022

It is imperative to make an excellent customer service supervisor cover letter by putting in as much useful information as possible.

Be very careful about the information that you provide.

The content of a cover letter should be what the hiring manager wants to read, and not what you want to tell him or her. If both these match, hurrah!

If not, there is a great chance that your cover letter will be rejected based on what you have written.

Look through the following cover letter sample to see what you can write in your own:

Customer Service Supervisor Cover Letter Example

January 13, 2022

Mr. Andre Garcia
Human Resource Manager
Mass Markets Inc.
938 177th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 46528

Dear Mr. Garcia:

I believe that customer service is by far the most complicated (and important) area of a company, as a lot relies on this, pertaining to return business. And since this is such an integral part of a company, it needs a professional with extensive experience and a wide array of skills to handle. Knowing that you are looking for just such a person, I offer my services to Mass Markets Inc. in the role of a customer service supervisor.

Having started out as a customer service representative 7 years ago, and gradually making it up to the position of a supervisor, makes me an excellent choice to hire as a customer service supervisor, as I am well aware of the different steps that this work requires, and how to conquer each of them. Directing sales forecasting activities, strategizing ways to provide excellence in customer services, setting performance goals for team members, and ensuring that each team member reaches those goals is my forte.

In my previous place of work, I increased sales by a staggering $40000 per month, through the provision of excellent customer services, leading to both repeat business, and referrals.

Positive that your organization will benefit greatly from my skills and experience, I will contact you next week to arrange a meeting time and date. If you need to contact me in the meantime, I can be reached on the number given below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Leena Massey
(000) 475-5241
Attachment: (Resume)