Life Scientist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 2, 2017

Many people tend to believe that cover letters are optional exercises in the job-finding game, wrongly identifying them as baggage that no one wants to claim.

Cutting corners where cover letters are concerned is never a good idea.

It is not okay to send your resume without a cover letter. Doing so is as bad as sending your cover letter to an employer’s dumpster. A cover letter may be considered a sidekick to a resume, but it is as important as Robin is to Batman!

Analogies aside, cover letters that open with a compelling first paragraph encourage the reader to ask “what happens next?” This question is what leads them to reading the resume, which is actually the main focus of the cover letter anyway. Technically, a cover letter stamps your personality on the resume, making it tough for the reader to reject it.

The cover letter sample below will give you a wider view of how one can be written:


Life Scientist Cover Letter Example



85 Greenwoods Ave
West Haven, CT 25144

September 2, 2017

Mr. Ronald Campbell
Human Resource Manager
483 Jansen Road
West Haven, CT 06473

Dear Mr. Campbell:

It is not every day that one comes across a job opportunity that is so spot on with one’s skills and experience that one questions if it were charted out especially for her. This is exactly what happened when I went through the careers section of your website. I could barely believe that the prospective employee outline for a life scientist position that you have posted was not for me particularly!

Widespread and wide-ranging expertise in designing and conducting experiments, making observations and measurements, and researching information, leads me directly into the “to be hired” category at AXESS. Exceptional insight into studying the forms and structures of bodily organs and tissues through systematic observation and dissection, along with demonstrated expertise in investigating the chemical structure and function of living cells, and their isolated components, make me an excellent choice to hire as a life scientist at your organization.

My present place of work (Zenopa) is currently enjoying the fruits of my efforts in bringing a large chunk of its total grants, through preparation and submission of grant proposals, an incident that AXESS too can enjoy if I am provided with a chance to work here.

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how I can benefit your organization in the role of a life scientist. I will call you next week to arrange a meeting time convenient to your calendar. Thank you for your time in reviewing my application.




Patricia Lewis

(000) 547-5210